Read the details in the New Years Plan post.

Becoming a Master Pick Up Artist

Being a master pick up artist is a ill defined and life changing goal. To have any hope of achieving it, I must first perfectly define it.

– Since my life will be primarily travel, I must be able to sleep with 80% of beautiful woman within 48 hours of meeting them. How I do this is irrelevant (although I plan on becoming a master at the meet and fuck).

– Another part of this is inner game and thereby consistency. I must be absolutly confident in every setting, never worried about what anyone else things, un-effected by any outcome, and able to rock every social setting I am put in. I will know when this is achieved because I will no longer be bord, insecure, in my head, inadiquete, hesitant, lonely, or unconfident. I will be surrounded by horny women, cool guys, and always making the people I hang with become more awesome.

Every month will be devoted to mastering a step or two on the seduction ladder.


For example, January will be devoted to being able to approach any woman in any setting and get her number. As usual, the goal is 80% success.

February will be approaching any woman and getting a kiss (lips of course) and a number.

March is going from meeting to sex in three meetings.

April is for becoming a master kisser.

May is for going from meeting to sex in two meetings.

June is for becoming a master lover.

July is for going from meeting to sex in one meeting.

August is getting laid multiple times with the same girl.

September is for multiple open relationships and fuck-friends.

October is for calibration and planning. (and maybe teaching).


I will also practice becoming a natural. At first, I may use lines and routines exclusively for lack of ability to do anything else. But I will actively get rid of these and replace them with internalized skill and game.

Every month, I will outline which step on the seduction ladder I will be conquering, how I plan to do it (I will find Projects in all the major towns I travel to and use them to improve)




– I will have an 80% success rate of sleeping with a women withing 48 hours of meeting her.

– I will have rock solid inner game, indicated by consistent confidence, social mastery, popularity with women and men, and lack of feelings of inadequacy and betaness.


– Every month will be dedicated to mastering one or two steps on the seduction ladder.


Make $3500/month with less than 5 hours of required work per week

I want this so that I can devote my life to chasing what ever passions I choose, instead of devoting it to chasing food and shelter. This is enough money to support me in relative luxury and let me pour a lot of money into my goals.

I plan on getting this via the Minimalist Backpacker Shop, affiliate sales from my travel products blog, and a few other muses I create (and maybe poker).

As the “Becoming a Master Pick Up Artist” goal, this goal will be achieved by devoting every month to one step.

January to June is all about getting to a consistent $600/month from Minimalist Backpacker Shop.

January is devoted to creating deals with every dropshipper I need, and launching the website.

February is for building SEO (Location Rebel) and affiliates. aka unpaid traffic

March is for guest blog posts.

April is for paid advertising to Facebook, Google, etc. and for launching the blog.

May is for improving the site (Look to the “What is MBS all about” doc), and building a community (Read Engagement from Scratch).

June is for re-negotiating my dropshipping deals to increase my profit, and building the community.

July is for planning the next 6 months.


Been away a while. Amazing, only 6 days ago I was on top of the world. Now I’m recovering from a spiral.

I recognize that I will go up and down often. My job, my goal in life, is to keep myself on the up for as long as possible, learn how to avoid and escape the downs, and always elevate myself higher.

So, here comes recovery and rocket fuel.

My New Years Plan


Yes I know it’s cheesy. I wasn’t even planning to do this. I’ve always thought it was kinda stupid.

But I need to recover from a spiral, and I’m hearing a lot of new years resolution crap lately. So it’s the first thing that came to mind when I thought that I need to get back on high. And it seems like a damn good idea (with a few loop holes).

In this post, I’m gonna cover a lot. I’m gonna start with creating a goal hierarchy, starting from life goals and multi-year goals, down to year goals, multi-month goals, month goals, week goals, and day goals.

I will cover how I will define these and keep myself pointed at them, how I will ensure that I fly towards these goals while still having time to live on impulse and do nothing (aka base line recovery).

Starting with life goals

Simply stated, these will change. At least, I expect them to eventually. But I will live them as if they are the divine purpose that I exist at all. And I will drop them without a second glance as soon as I have decided on another reason for living.

At the moment, my life goal is entirely selfish. I do not aim to change the world for the sake of changing the world. I do not aim to improve others and make them more excited in their existence for their sake.

Everything I do is so that I may improve and enjoy my life further. Ideally, this will be a mutually beneficial action. If this is not possible, it will benefit me at any cost to anyone else. If this is not possible, it will benefit no one, so that I can devote no time or effort to it and move onto something more beneficial. I do not plan on ever doing something solely for the benefit of another.

This means I will not donate. This means I will go to any length to help a fellow pick up artist or entrepreneur, because doing so will give me someone to improve off of. This means I would rather risk getting kicked out of a house than do something I hate to stay in it.

I am a selfish person. I do not see this as a bad thing. And being able to drop all pretense and masks and embrace it will allow me to use it to get as much enjoyment as possible out of life.

It also means I will not have many friends. This is good. It will serve as a screening test for everyone I meet. If they do not like it, they will not associate with me. If they do, we will have a mutually beneficial relationship.

So, to state it once more for my own clarity: The purpose of my life is to maximize my enjoyment and excitement, and to minimize my boredom and stagnation.

This may come at the cost of breaking rules and blocking relationships. I’m more than okay with this.


Now multi year goals

These are goals that serve huge purposes in keeping to my life goal. I have to be careful with this, because if I create a multi-year goal that does not need multiple years to achieve, I will end up wasting a lot of time and possibly giving up for lack of progress and inspiration. I’d rather push myself too hard than to little.

I can’t think of any goals yet that justify a deadline longer than 12 months, so I will move on for now to…


Year goals

This is more like it. Here is where I can down to concrete planning and execution.

This new year will consist of two simple goals.

1) Make $3500/month with less than 5 hours of required work per week

2) Become a master pick up artist. This entails a lot of things, so I’ve gotta get super specific.

I will do that in the next blog post


Multi month goals

…will be large parts of yearly goals, that can stand by themselves as individual goals.

An example of this is getting the Minimalist Backpacker Shop to $600/month is 6 months.

They can also be side goals (covered next in this post), that are big enough to take multiple months.


Month goals

Every month will consist of a maximum of three goals.

The first will be a financial goal that relates to my yearly financial goal ($3500/month w/ <5hours/week).

The second will be a step in a major pleasure goal (Becoming a Master Pickup Artist).

The third may not always be there. When it is, it will be a goal for fun, or from my Dream List. This goal can suffer without any guilt, and can be put on the backburner to make room for my yearly goals.

At the beginning of each month, I will outline in detail what these goals are, and how I plan to achieve them.

I will re-read this post every Sunday of the month.

The last or first Sunday of every month will be devoted to writing a goal review of the last month and the goal outline for the new one.


Week goals

I can have up to four goals a week. The first two will be my yearly goals (Financial, Pleasure). The next will be the optional monthly goal. The third will be a quick and fun skill or experiment I want to conquer (handstands, shuffling cards, a dance move, a recipe, etc.).

Those last two are optional. If I do not do them, I will remove them from the task list and put them in the notes list. They are for shits and giggles, and will cause no guilt. They are the bonus questions on a test: do them and you get extra credit, or don’t and your test is unaffected.

I also get Saturdays off, if I want. I will not plan any mandatory tasks on that day, and will try to schedule random fun stuff for then. This will allow me not to crack under constant pressure, and have a day without obligation.


Day Goals

I can have up to four goals a day.

The first two are the yearly goals. They should consume no more than four hours, and aim for three. They are mandatory, and the day cannot end until they are completed.

The second two are the for fun monthly goal, and the mini week goal. They can be skipped if I don’t have time or inclination, without any guilt.

So, in review:

Everything I do will be in pursuit of my life goal: The purpose of my life is to maximize my enjoyment and excitement, and to minimize my boredom and stagnation.

This will be achieved via my two Yearly and Multi-Yearly goals. Which will be reviewed every December. I will re-read my yearly goals on the first/last Sunday of each month.

These yearly goals will be broken down into monthly steps. Each month may have an extra side goal for fun or to achieve a goal on the Dream List. My monthly goals will be reviewed and planned at the first/last Sunday of each month. My monthly goal will be re-read every Sunday.

These monthly goals will be broken down into weeks devoted to the completion of a step. Each week may see it’s own mini-goal that would never make it to a major goal but would still be fun to achieve.

I get Saturdays optionally goalless.

Every day will have a minimum of two mandatory goals and maximum of four goals. The day cannot end until the two mandatory goals are achieved or deemed unobtainable. These two mandatory goals should not take over 3 hours to complete.

It’s scary as hell and comforting as well. Everyone has a motive but in the end we all want the same. We work so hard to win the battle, trick the girl, fool the guy, and when we finally surrender and just bear our true emotions, everything we fought so hard to get just comes by itself.

Falling in love is the brain on a bubble rising into the sky. Falling out of love is a tortuous downward spiraling decent into madness.

Love is the most desired thing in the world because it hits every emotion. And it hits them all hard and repeatedly.

To be in love is to be alive instead of just living.