As my friend Stepan said in words that seem to have been targeted at me: “what do you want to learn? Is it Business, is it success with women?

Make it your top priority, and if other things need to burn, they burn. You just can’t stop.”

I realized that I was spreading myself too thin with my two goals of becoming a owner of automated income and becoming a master pickup artist. Both are goals that require you devote everything you’ve got to them, and trying to do both at once (even with polyphasic sleeping to add extra hours) is simply too much for me to handle.

So I’ve dropped everything to pursue the single goal of $3500/month with less than 5 hours of required work per week.

This means that I have indefinitely shelved polyphasic sleeping and becoming a master pick up artist. I can’t tell you how much it hurts to have quit on these two major goals in my life, it’s really fucking with me.

But I know that it’s the right decision.

That means that it’s all about the money right now. $3500/month with less than 5 hours of required work per week to be exact.

I want the money so that I can travel the world, start achieving some of the goals on my dream list (most of them require at least a few hundred to accomplish), and finance whatever lifestyle I choose to live.


So how will I make this money. Well right now, I’ve got a few paths I want to walk that lead to location independent income.


Copywriting. It is a dream not worth chasing. I am selling things that I hardly know about, honing a skill that’s not that special to me (sales writing).

But it is a money maker (potentially at least, I have not been making much income as I have no inspiration to drive me).

I have to 80/20 my copywriting. What 20% of the work in copywriting yeilds 80% of the income?

That’s obvious. The most important thing is people who have already paid me. If they have paid me once, they are likely to pay me again.

So I must stay in constant touch with these people, provide them with serious value, and pitch them ideas often, and give them amazing work.

The second most important is qualleads. I must not let these drift off (as I usually do). I will email each quallead at least once a week until a definitive decision has been made. I will use boomerang on every quallead I get, respond to qualleads within 24 hours of getting an email from them, and spend 2 hours each and every day either learning or practicing copy. 14 hours a week + lead gen (prolly about 20 hours a week) is pretty small beans.

If I don’t lose qualleads, keep my clients happy, and improve my skills like mad, I should be able to make $1500 monthly off this within a few months (a totally baseless prediction, but a goal).

So, to sum up my copywriting plan:

  • I will spend 2 hours a day learning or doing copywriting
  • I will respond to quallead emails within 24 hours of any emails they send me


I’ve currently got two internships. One at The Referral Squirrel with Andy Drish. The deal is that I get him qualleads and clients in return for coaching.

I’ve never been coached before, and was skeptical of the value of it. But, after a half hour of Andy helping me out with some serious fucked up stuff in my head, I think it’s valuable enough to give a shot.

This means I will spend an hour every day getting clients for Referral Squirrel. It’s not a very fun job, but it gives me a chance to do some serious work on my salesmanship, and the value will be returned with his coaching.

The second is copywriting with Sleep Hack Dojo. This gig gives me access to a team of entrepreneurs that i can use to start building my friendship circle of awesome people (access that I have not been taking advantage of). It also gives me a chance to practice and measure my copywriting skills.

So I will use SHD as my copywriting practice in my daily two hours, and start getting into some serious touch with the SHD crew.


  • Spend one hour a day on RS clients
  • Do my SHD copywriting in my copywriting hours
  • Get in touch with the SHD crew

Side Projects

For Stepan’s idea(s) and other side projects that come at me: If I like them, I will incorporate them into my work week. For the “7 days to a $ making biz” idea, I will do all the copywriting in my daily 2 hours.

For his last longer in bed idea, probably the same thing.



  • Incorporate as they come

Rad Nomad

For RadNomad, I enjoy it and it will lead towards more enjoyment. So the right course of action is to do it. So let’s 80/20 it to find a way to get the maximum enjoyment out of it.

Step 1: Build stores for each Nomad (these stores must be linked to Amazon and, when the Nomad approves of them, written up)

Step 2: Contact each Nomad, show him his store, tell him the affiliate plan (100% of all amazon affiliate sales, and 10% of all normal sales)

Step 3: Start setting up dropshipping deals for all your products (the best selling first).

Step 4: Start building a community with a travel gear blog and following that community builder book you bought as well as all the blog courses you’ve got via only72 and stuff

Step 5: Start reviewing products yourself and build a store for you.



In three weeks, I will be leaving to go off adventuring again. Either I will resume my route of hitchhiking to NY and then SF, or I will bus directly to SF, or I will fly with my Aunt Simona to Israel.

Since I will probably end up in SF, I want to start contacting potential mentors there to meet up and build relationships.


  • I will contact 10 mentors in SF with an offer to live with them in return for helping them copywrite.




So, to sum all that up:

  • I will spend two hours a day learning and practicing copywriting. This includes all courses I take, all practice I do, and all jobs I have.
  • I will respond to all my copywriting qualleads and clients within 24 hours of them emailing me. This time is not included in my copywriting time.(side note: expand my one hour of email to two for this)
  • I will spend one hour a day on Referral Squirrel client gen
  • I will contact my mentors in SF
  • I will build my connections with the SHD team

Measurable goals:

  • Make $450 via copywriting this month
  • Complete 5 Rad Nomad stores
  • Contact the 5 Rad Nomads
  • Contact 10 SF mentors and start building a relationship with them towards become their apprentices
  • Get 2 clients for Referral Squirrel

You have to go extreme because that’s the only way you’ll excel at anything…otherwise you’ll just become ok, normal, not any different from anyone else.

You have to go extreme. You will overthink this, and decide some twisted compromise that is totally useless, that will not get you to change your behaviour. THIS IS INTERTIA. The thing that turns people into office workers, married non sexually to a woman who is not their favorite. THIS IS A BAD DECISION. DON’T make it.

YOU HAVE TO GO EXTREME. It’s the only thing between you and success…extreme, lazy, extreme doesn’t work either (not until later at least). Right Now, YOU HAVE TO GO EXTREME. YOU WILL REACH YOUR DREAM IF YOU GO EXTREME.

– DO NOT MASTERBAIT. this will create sexual tension, which will make you approach and get sexual (albeit in a desperate way) with more women. Stick this out through the hard part (which may take months or even a year or two) until you are getting sex wayy more than others simply because you’ve totally upped the numbers game. This added sex will lead to added confidence, which will lead to comfortably with being sexual while taking away from the feeling of desperation, which will allow me to safely tone back and realize that I can get that many women whenever I want, which will allow me to perfect another way of getting women (say interesting talk or story telling), which will then allow me to merge sexual and interesting talk as well as merge sexual interesting way of life, which will allow me to get a girl who is even better for me.
-So no masturbation until I have sex with a girl, and try to stop masterbaition entirely.
–Let’s start small and test to make sure this is a right decision or to decide to test another that may be right. Start with no masturbation for 1 month.

You will try both polynapping and no masturbation until your zeo arrives. If you have been failing up until then (1 month max), then you will abandon equality in your goals and chase 1 necessary goal at a time (the rest would be fluff and optional). Your first necessary goal would be sleep (best to get this done first). Next would be copywriting or any ONE other form of money making (like MBS, or web design, or whatever). Next would be travel. Then women. Then real multiple orgasms. Then (if that actually gives your orgasms without taking away from your energy or actually boosts it), masturbation and women. YOU HAVE ONE MONTH, THEN YOU WILL CHOOSE A GOAL ACHIEVEAL METHOD AND STICK TO IT LIKE GOD. ONE MONTH FROM NOW


My new wallpaper

I find my mind scattered and my attention spread too thin lately. So it time for me to get super specific on what I will and will not spend my time on in the coming months.


Rest (3hr/day)

Reason: I’m sleeping polyphasically to give myself more time in the day to get my goals done.

  • I will be polyphasically sleeping for 3 hours a day. Any extra hours will cut into my entertainment time.

Copywriting/Money Making (6hr/day)

Reason: Hugely valuable skill that is applicable to nearly any entrepreneurial pursuit I could have. Immediate money maker.

  • I will spend my time improving my copywriting and freelancing skills for 2 hours a day
  • I will spend my time doing copywriting work for 4 hours a day (client generation, client work, intern writing, copying the work of the pros if I have nothing else to do)
  • OR
  • I will spend 3 hours every day doing intern work that doesn’t involve copywriting (sales work for Referral Squirrel, web design stuff, whatever I need to do)

Intern Work (3hr/day)

Reason: Learn from people further along my path. Build connections and skills.


  • I will spend 3 hours every day doing intern work that doesn’t involve copywriting (sales work for Referral Squirrel, web design stuff, whatever I need to do) [edited]

Necessary Stuff [food, hygiene, travel] (4 hr/day):

Reason: I need to live. Most of this stuff can be mixed with some form of other task, but I hate to multitask. For this reason, I will try to just do it fast.
  • I will do my hygiene (shower, teeth, etc.) for a total of 1hour/day.
  • I will eat for a total of 2 hours a day
  • I will travel for 1 hour a day

Love/Sex/Game (6 hr/day):

Reason: I want to make love to at least one woman a week and always be in the middle of at least one romance

  • I will spend my time studying game skills for 2 hours a day. I will mostly study Jeffy and Tyler Durden for the moment, and Zan Perrion in a few months.
  • I will spend my time in field for 4 hours a day (sarging, dating, fucking, etc.)

Entertainment (5 hr/day)

Reason: To have a break. I get Saturdays totally off from work btw.

  • Read blogs, chill with people, etc. for 5 hours a day. If I oversleep, entertainment will be the first to suffer. Next comes my learning times for game.


Minimalist Backpacker Shop: I need to make cash before I start making automated cash. MBS is gonna be shelved for a few months.

Partying. This fucks everything up.

Anything else.


Just had a talk with my friend Yauhenni. I’m pissed about having so little money, and the idea of getting serious with copywriting has been bouncing around my head.

Now I’m gonna do it, in tandem with building MBS. Every day I will spend 3 hours learning business and five hours practicing business. Every other day I will alternate between copywriting and MBS.

Tomorrow is MBS.


Let’s get to it. 

I’ve been talking about it for ages, and now it’s finally real. I’ve got a bet with Tynan for $100.

The bet: From the time my Zeo arrives (the reason Tynan bet me a hundred dollars is to buy a Zeo with it), I get three weeks to stay on the Uberman schedule for a consistent 7 days, averaging under 2.5 hours of sleep per day (in other words, a 3.5 hour oversleep allowance for the week).


I’ve been working my ass off on another sleep hacker project that I’ll tell you about soon. My brain is fried and I can’t write anymore, so I’m done writing for the moment.

Time to go buy a Zeo xD


I’m soo excited! A few days ago, I was having a “Learn and Do” meetup with some pickup artists before I left town.

Me and my mate jumped into Dolla Ramma to grab THESE:


I LOVE THEM! My robot-like mind immediately devoted one to random daily notes and knowledge and dubbed it “Love & $$$ & Life”.

The red one is all about Game. I’ll track my points (made 107 out of 150 last week), take notes on interesting sets, use in my game (collect numbers, draw pictures, play games, w/e), and record huge lessons and mantras.

The Blue. I’m still not sure, but I’m thinking of devoting it to life lessons. Things like “You will die very soon”, “Why not?”, “You never regret the things you do. It’s what you don’t do that kills you”, “Rock it like a man, and it will be accepted”, “Always be a student”,

“Push the limits of your confidence”, “Succumbing to fear = death”, “Always be Eddy” and whatever the hell I realize is true and awesome to remember.

This one would be AWESOME to flip through in a year.



– Eddy Azar

Sometimes I wonder, why push? Why fight to achieve?

This reality is pointless, with no rules outside of physics, and no impact on anything meaningful howsoever. So whats the point of doing shit that’s hard?

Don’t get me wrong, the complete alternative is crap too: to do nothing is just…gross.

But what about just floating through life without a big plan. Being guided by impulse and repelled by stagnation. Being completely un-attached to everything.

There is no need for me to get a job, or build a business, or any of that. There is a want, because I want all the fun things and freedoms that come with a few bucks in hand, but no need.

Should I so wish, I could simply spend the remainder of my life surfing couch to couch, getting a few bucks here and there at odd jobs, sleeping under stranger’s roofs, eating their food, shotgunning their cars. This is a completely viable life that requires no income, and it’s one I’d not be unhappy to live.

I think eventually, if I were to walk that path, I’d stumble across a plethora of random passions and some way to make cash off of them.

So, we’ve determined that cash is not necessary and life can be enjoyed without.

Therefore, to spend time on something un-enjoyable in the pursuit of cash seems like a horrible value:cost ratio. What could ever be worth wasted time?

What would I do all day if I didn’t have tasks. If I subjected myself to absolutely no pressure to do shit.

Probably make friends. Try stuff. Explore a lot. It would be an interesting time.

But it couldn’t measure up to seeing new cultures, making close friends with interesting people who see the world differently, and having enough dollar to explore and spend with relative abandon the countries I live in.

I want that.


So we now know a few things:

  1. My “Rock Bottom” is an enjoyable state of affairs.
  2. Therefore, I should never do something i don’t love to get cash.
  3. However, cash would enhance my life considerably.

Knowing those three things, my path becomes obvious. I must pursue the goal of making something I enjoy doing profitable.

I knew this already, but it’s good to go through a thought process and arrive at an affirmation that I’m walking the right path and need simply a few tweaks on course.

I Exaggerate. This is my least favorite part of me and one I am working to destroy: I talk a big game and make big plans, but often fail to follow through or wind up exaggerating the truth.

Odds are, I’ve bent the truth while talking to you. I don’t often lie outright, but I’ll exaggerate my awesomeness wayy too often.

So now it’s time to come clean on a few points. I’m done trying to inflate my awesomeness because that means I don’t believe I’m awesome enough to begin with. Annihilating this will sever the last bonds I have to the Talker group and put me firmly in the camp of Doers.

So here are my exaggerations:

  • Yes I do make $60-$80/hour as a freelance copywriter. But I only average about $360/month (I firmly believe I could triple this in three months if I devoted some serious effort into improving my skills, tracking my results, and getting clients. But I waffle whether I want to or not [wasting time on a job I don’t love vs. reliable and large location independent income at my finger tips])
  • No I am not sleeping 2 hours/night on the uberman. I am sleeping 3 on a good night, and often closer to 5. (Working on this)
  • I’m not yet good with women. In fact, I’m pretty positive my conversion stats are well below average. I’m working on this now.
  • I am not that amazing a copywriter (although I am FARRR better at writing and copywriting than most who try it)
  • I am not yet some far travelling Nomad. I have been mostly nomadic for 2 months now, but have yet to leave my country and go to San Fran like I planned. I plan to be in the US by the end of Feb.
  • I’m not close friends with many globetrotting entrepreneurs (excepting Stepan). That said, I do talk to quite a few of them on a somewhat regular basis.

There. Those are my most common exaggerations blown out of the water.

If you’ve been wondering if I’m full of it about anything, ask me in the comments. I’ll come clean.


Cheers to the stubborn pursuit of awesomeness,

– Eddy


Wayyy back in October I threw up a post about how I planned to make some quick bucks.

I did make a few bucks selling Dr. Dre beats, until my supplier got shut down. The idea to sell books on Amazon…I’m pretty sure I lost money on that xP.


Now I’m broke and travelling, and I need to make an extra $500 this month to start saving/eating.

Oh, The Things I’ll Do For Money

None of the things on this list are long term. To see how I plan to make money via my whole future, check out my February Road Map and 2012 Year Goals

  • Shovel Driveways – Not too glamorous, but a few hours into this and I’ll have made a decent buck.
  • Open up an Amazon sleep shop – I’ve done some serious research and found the best sleep gear out there. From clocky the wakeup alarm to 40 Blinks the perfect sleep mask, I’ll start throwing up some gear reviews on the site and affiliate selling on Amazon. (side note: this is the first step in what may become a business build around polyphasic sleep).
  • Sell my library in one go – I’m gonna lug my big box of books over to a second hand store and sell them all for a few bucks.
  • Negotiate down my friend’s contracts for a cut of the savings – This idea has been bouncing around my brain for about half a year. Ever since I saved my mom around $250 in a month by learning to negotiate from Ramit Sethi (and I think I’ve saved her around $700 total since then), I’ve realized most of my friends are paying too much and I can lower their bills and take a 25% of what I save them for the year. I’ll test it on my self and a friend first, and make some noise if it’s successful.
  • Become a Gigilo – Always wanted to do this, but don’t know where to start. Craigslist?
  • Donate Seamen – Props to “Road Trip” for throwing this one into my head
  • Start a “Buy Now” Blog – This one is more of a multi-month goal than a fast cash idea, but it’s a great idea none the less. Perhaps I’ll devote some serious time for it when my current goals settle down.


That’s all I got for now. Got any kickass ideas, throw them at me in the comments.

I’ll let you know at the end of the month how much cash I made off each one I tried.

January was a pretty amazing month, and a damn good way to kick off the year. From living in a city for over a month without family, to sleeping three hours a day, to upping my game with women, to getting an internship.

Plans for this month:

$3500/month w/ <5hours work/week

  • Reposition MBS
  • Set up all the personalized backpacker stores on MBS
  • Set up “Beginner, Extreme, and Minimalist” stores
  • Contact Backpackers about their stores.
  • Make $500 via copywriting
  • Keep working in my internship to build connections and gain knowledge.
  • Apply to a crap ton more internships (formal and informal)
  • Build the foundations for my Polynapping startup

Master Seduction Artist

I’ve realized that, since I will be traveling a lot, the odds of finding a girlfriend who is sexy as hell, interesting, and willing to travel with me is very unlikely. It’s gonna be a while till I find her.

So my goal with women for the next few months (till the end of May at least), is to have sex with as many beautiful women as possible.

I will be focusing having sex the same day I meet them.

I will also be participating in many forums and societies of pick up artists, meeting with local PUAs to go out and “sarge”, and learning a crap ton of PUA knowledge.


  • Achieve the 150 point / week goal (this goal is very objectifying to women, so I’m not going to get into detail here. Suffice it to say that it brings joy to all involved)
  • Be very active in the PUA community. Find locals, post on forums, read blogs, take courses.
  • Aim for kiss closes

Optional Month Goal

By the end of Feb, I’ll be very well adjusted to the Uberman. I’m sleeping at 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, and 24 every day for 25 minutes. The bet with Tynan just completed and I’ll be posting about it soon.

I’m also adding another month goal in leau of week goals: make $500 in “Fast Cash“.

  • Sleep on the Uberman
  • Make $500 in Fast Cash

Side Note: Life Nomadic

As I said in my previous post, it’s time for me to move out of Montreal and back onto my original track.

Next week, I’ll be stopping by Newmarket to see some friends, rock that sleepy little club-less town, and reminisce like an 80 year old on the days of yore.

After that it’s off to NY to get some serious culture shock and see one of the most insane examples of mass humanity on earth.

Then west to sunny San Fran to set up a home base for a few months, enjoy the city of my dreams, and connect with master entrepreneurs, PUAs, and amazing people.

The goal for this month:

  • Be in USA by the end of February