There is not too much to say about today as I covered most of the major stuff yesterday.

One noteworthy point is that I did end up crashing around 2-6pm as a result of “10 more minutes”. I’ve incorporated alarm conditioning into my daily sched and this should cure this.

Also, for those of you who wanna rock it like gods, here is my improved template for my daily sched. It’s been added to every day, and I don’t think I’m done yet.

Day Tracking

One thing I’ve noticed is that, when you have more free time, you tend to find ways to fill it up. I imagine I would 80/20 a lot better if I had, say, 6 hour days. That said, I think I my productivity is on the beginning of a huge skyrocket due to the WUP course, so it’s not a huge issue. I’ll probably apply the 80/20 law when I re-read 4HWW in a month or two.

Carpe more Diem!

– Eddy

Last night, I made it to my second Day 3 so far.

However, I did go to sleep for most of the next morning. This was the first time I have ever crashed intentionally, as I was spending the night with a friend and thought I would enjoy it.

Tomorrow will be back to day 0, but I am happy I’ve made day 3 again.


Shai also crashed, and has developed a strong motivation not to let it happen again. To ensure this, he’s demanded that we spend all our nights (and some of our later days) with each other so that we can ensure we are able to wake each other up by any means necessary. I’ve got a feeling I may find myself fully polyphasic by this time next week.


Carpe more Diem!

– Eddy


P.S. Found a side effect of sleep deprivation. Erectile Dysfunction xP. Worked fine after a few hours of sleep though xD.

One of those days where nothing seems to go right. I started the day a bit burnt out, and immediately hit the block of being interrupted and venue changed 3 times during my 10am nap.

Then I missed my sales call hours because my computer decided to stop working with the internet for no good reason.

On my way to hunt for a wifi connection that worked so that I could make an important meeting, I realized: in the future, I’m gonna miss hundred thousand dollar deals because my favorite cat chewed through my internet and died in the process.

What I’m saying here with that depressing image is that the world is gonna throw a ton of intense wild cards at me. I’d better stop letting them screw with my mood, and just take them as they come and fix them as I go. Stoically.

So, I re-targetted my negative mental processes, solved the problems and yet another one that came at me a few minutes later, and came out smiling.

Carpe more Diem!

– Eddy


P.S. That’s two reps baby! Let’s hit three.

Step 1: Re-kindle some motivation

  • Read your dream list
  • Read your motivation for your goals or, better yet, write it down again.

Step 2: Know your mega and mini goals

  • Review the big picture goal and all your mile stones. Find out what you have to do this month, this week, this day.

Step 3: Start on a mini goal. Just set aside 25 mintues to do it. If your still not feeling it, have a nap and come back.

  • Take one daily goal and do it for 25 mintues.

Step 4: Reward. Give yourself a huge reward for completing your small task.

  • Awesome treat, an hour of blog reading, sex, whatever you want to have.

Pass out.


I do realize that I’m breaking a cardinal rule here: don’t sleep at home.

However, when I have a home (and no bike to find a better café than Dunkin Donuts) the temptation is great. I never suspect that I will fail.

Today, I am getting a bike (and hopefully a mic for my computer). These two things will give me a huge boost. I will be able to call anyone in North America for free, and go anywhere in town.

There is a very good chance that I don’t spend much time at home after this. I wonder if it’s worth paying the rent. If I find that I am never at home, I’ll simply drop it. The good side of this coin is that I’ll be sleeping in comfortable 24 hour cafes all night. This is good for not falling asleep, and for getting work done.


Andy gave me a challenge so that I can learn to depend on myself. I need to make $200 by next Wednesday at Noon, or else I will have to get a job for 20 hours a week and keep it for 2 months.

That is hell.

So I’m off to make $200 by any means possible (in as little time and as much benefit to my mid-term goals as possible)


Carpe more Diem!

– Eddy


P.S. I’ve come to realize that I may not yet have the discipline (as defined by Steve Pavlina) it takes to make it straight to 30 days of polynapping.

However I’ve also promised myself I cannot quit this until I make my 30 days. So, I will use this as an exercise to grow my discipline.

I expect (not hope, but realistically expect) to slowly increase the amount of days I can consistently last from 1 to 2 to 3 etc. over a long period of time and quite a few failures.

I view these failures the same way I view not being able to make the 93rd pushup. It’s a sign that I’m growing, not a reason to beat myself up. Every time I increase a polyphasic ‘rep’, I will celebrate. Every time I fail and crash, I will take note of how long I lasted and start again.

P.P.S. Just found out that Shai overslept last night too (he was pulling an overnighter at work). Weird, it’s like anti-serendipity.

I’m now on an awesome schedule that is not too tight to choke my passion, but tight enough to keep me on track.

My room mate is keeping me awake.

One of my best friends has quit school and is now going to travel Canada with his awesome girlfriend (stopping by my place on the journey).

I’m able to talk any Barista into letting me nap in their cafe.

I’ve just set up a partnership with an SEO master that will help me make tons of automated income in about 1 year from now.

With Ze’ev’s and Shai’s help, I have found a huge emotion left over from my dad’s death that has fuelled (in an unhealthy and unhelpful way) my pursuit to become a great lover.

I am beginning to begin to learn how to separate my sense of self from the continual chatter of my mind.



It’s been a good day.

Hey guys, some cool developments to know about.

I made it through Sunday and yesterday and got to my 2/30, but then crashed again last night. The culprit is the insidious ‘just 5 more minutes’.

Chatted with mate/mentor Ze’ev, and he gave me some tips on training myself to wake up at my alarm. Since I’ve passed out quite a few times using the previous wake up song, my body does not associate it with a “Get up and rock it” vibe.

So it has to be replaced with a new wake up song, and then I have to go through a bunch of short wake up “reps” to train my mind to associate it with the wake up and go actions (which are essentially walking around and grabbing something to eat for 4 minutes).

I also got my room mate on the polyphasic schedule, and we’ve staggered our naps by 2 hours, so we’re always awake to get each other up.


Also, in a awesome productivity trip between Eben Pagan’s Wake Up Productive course and my Polynapping schedule, I’ve set up a daily goal setting & tracking chart. It’s quite beautiful.

It is set up so that I can treat each nap as it’s own mini-day (setting the tasks for it when I awaken), or set up my whole day as a whole, or (and this is what I’ll be doing) a mix of the two.

It also has my transition into nap (1 minute) & wake up times (4 min) built in. During every wake up, I will get up and eat something (Ala the WUP course).

For those that wanna copy of it, click this linkylinky

Polyphasic Day Tracking – Apr 24


Carpe more Diem!

– Eddy

While at 75%-100%

  • Build the Rad Nomad Site
  • Re-Build the copywriting Gig
  • Write (copy, blogs, porn, etc.)
  • Go meet beautiful women
  • Build connections with my role models


While at 50%-75%

  • Make sales calls for Referral Squirrel
  • Make sales calls for Dentasign
  • Go meet beautiful women
  • Read SOO many blogs
  • Read SOO many books
  • Do mindless work on Rad Nomad


While below 50%

  • Watch a ton of movies and TV shows
  • Go meet beautiful women
  • Go for walks
  • Clean things
  • Cook
  • Take ice showers
  • Go on

Ok, something different. Up till now I was convinced that my wake up problems were the result of laziness and too much comfort.

But I wayyy overslept last night, despite two separate alarms, sitting in a chair (and somehow winding up in a beanbag), and my roommate trying to wake me up!

I think I know the problem: I’ve been trying to brute force my way through the transition phase…this will not work. The body will shut down every time.

So now it’s time to stack the deck in my favour. It’s time to do a complete overhaul of my living style to get this shit handled.

  • I’m going all raw
  • Every time I awaken
    • I’m going to read these bullet points
    • Then I’m going in straight into 100 breaths in the Tadasana yoga position.
    • If still groggy after 100 breaths in Tadasana, I will use Stumbleupon Video until my brain speeds up.
  • I get the option of one 25 min cheat nap half way between every two naps.
  • Every nap
    • Will be uncomfortable. The more I wanna sleep, the less comfortable my nap will be. It will rang from kitchen chairs to hard floors.
    • Will have two to five alarms (Nap music, phone w/ beeping and vibrating,, two human’s if I can get them)
  • I’m making another list of thing I will do in each phase of the Uberman (Awake, Okay, and Zombie). I’ll use this as a roadmap on what to spend my time on.
  • My morning workouts will just be half hour walks. No parkour, no running, just walking.
  • Only focusing on one nap block at a time. Minimal planning for the future.