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If the focus experiment does not work
– aka, I am not by Today making at the least $400/month from copywriting


If that happens, then putting focus over enjoyment does not work.

In that case, do what you must right now, to prepare yourself for long term travel.

Work for a few months on whatever you can: buy a new laptop and high quality gear,

Then, go out and just travel around and enjoy yourself.

Just backpack and do awesome shit until you make something worth paying for.


Don’t get stuck trying just one thing.
And NEVER give up on your ultimate dream, the freedom & enjoyment of life that makes it perfect.

– Eddy of January 24, 2012


P.S. This is not a choice. This has been decided by the you of the past. Do not debate it, trust in your past revelation to keep trying for enjoyment. Remember reality anchors.

This reality anchor has passed it equal investment/return point. Choose another.

The next one to choose: travel now, live on passion.

Things to remember:

  • Always aim for 70% completion at full throttle. This means that I am pushing as hard as I can, and am on the edge (and so growing)
  • Unexpected things will happen, unplanned adventures will come up, and unanticipated (and guiltless) crashes will be taken. Don’t be angry with yourself when they do.
  • You won’t get everything done. Planning is usually over ambitious, and if you are consistently accomplishing 100%, you’re not aiming high enough.
  • Schedule the most important things early in the week and in the day. This will ensure they get done.


  • Prefectionism is for losers. You can’t always have every goal to it’s perfect form, so don’t just not do something because you can’t have 100% amazingness at it.
  • Don’t tackle too much. A great sculpture is not made in one hammer stroke. You can try to do everything and fail for years and years… rather just start on small stuff and chip away at it. Look at acquiring skills over 5-10 years. Make small step goals.
  • Everything must be measureable. What gets measured gets managed. You must know at the end of the week if you failed or succeeded, and by how much.
  • Don’t ignore your dreams; don’t work too much; say what you think; cultivate friendships; never give into fears; relax; enjoy existence in the now.
  • Good Fortune? The fact is, the more that you practice, the harder you sweat, the luckier you’ll get.
  • The first step, just do it. And bluff your way through it. Remember to duck. God speed…and good luck!

A person’s personality, largely depends on what kind of emotional state they are in right now.

If a person is in a calm state, they will be logical.

If a person is in a state of focused love, they will be passionate.

If a person is in a state of anxiety, they will be irritable or jittery.

If a person is in a state of unhappiness, they will be angry.


Those are the states & subsequent personalities that I’ve figured out so far.

A volume of work

You start off knowing you wanna be great at something. You don’t know exactly what ‘great’ is, but you wanna be it.

Next comes a steep up slope of awesomeness. You get much better, very fast. All your friends compliment you on how awesome you are at it, and you can see the difference.

But then, as you learn more and more about what great really is, you get intimidated. You’re not getting better as fast as you were before, and you can see that you’ve got a really long way to go. What you’re doing now is no where near great, and you know it.


That’s where I’m at with writing. I’m studying the writing of the greats, and there’s some where it seems like every single sentence does 10 things at once. There are multiple strokes of creative genius in every page.

And it’s so diverse! Every writer has his own style, and most of them have like 7. All mindblowingly awesome.


Then I look at my writing. It’s…passable. I look at it when it’s done and I know that it’s good compared to my other work. But compared to the stuff I’m writing down verbatim every morning, it’s chickenscratch. It doesn’t get results.


So, for about a week, I didn’t write much. What I did write was actually quite good, but disappointingly far from what I know can be done.

So the reward to writing seems to have disappeared.



I think I might have quit. Not on purpose, but just because the immediate satisfaction of having written something has dramatically decreased. Replaced with a sense of “it’s okay” and an apprehension that this too will be a statistical failure.

I might have quit, if it wasn’t for Ira Glass and this quote (read that right now, especially if you’re a beginner like me).


But she’s right. I’m gonna go through a ton of suck before I get a bit of awesome. But I’ll never get any awesome at all unless I brave the suck.

So, after procrastinating for the last 6 hours or so, I’m off to do some writing for the chill hookahs blog.


It’s gonna suck.

That’s okay.

It’s getting better.