What major lesson(s) did I learn this week?

  1. I learned that the world has, for everyone involved, been getting better. While the 1% has been getting more powerful, so has the 99%.
  2. Humans, like all things, rotate around an equilibrium. When the world is over selfish, the selfless can rise. When the world is selfless, the selfish will rise. It will keep vibrating around this equilibrium unless we can change the game itself.
  3. Canadians do not need a visa to enter Taipei!
  4. Going with the flow has becoem really easy
    1. Know that you are awesome, even if your performance in the recent history has been less then excellent. If you are generally awesome at enjoying and exploring life, be aware of it and confident due to it.
    2. Listen to the moment. Know what you want to happen, and dance with what is currently happening to see if you can gently and enjoyably guide events closer to your idea. Enjoy every step.
    3. Realize that there are almost always no negative consequences to any action.
  5. It feels great to be in a great café. Ambiance matters
  6. Doing things unconsciously, and unknowingly, is a deficit. All great men choose what they do. They analyze their actions in all situations and consciously choose what they want their actions to be.
  7. Listening is at least equally enjoyable as talking. Usually more enjoyable and morn beneficial

In reply to this video….

Problem = wrong use of right tool.

It’s like if you were trying to actually play fruit ninja with a real samurai sword. You’d probably miss most fruit and possibly draw blood. Brice Lee would make the leader boards, though. He knows how to use that tool.

Pixels aren’t warm. You can’t high five them, kiss them, or smell them. They’re not people.

They’re an excellent way to meet people you can do those things with, though.

They’re also an excellent way to feel social validation and involvement, while missing that necessary exchange of pheromones and facial expressions and body temperature.

Those who use technology to pixilize their social lives are incorrectly matching technology with their biology. So it screws up and creates a hole instead of an ideal.

You only get aprox 150 people to care about (or even think about). So it’s a very limited resource. Who are you going to care about?

The key is realizing that, if every moment you spend on social media is not contributing in some way to enjoyment with a real person in real time, there’s a very good chance it’s deducting from it (as you’re spending time there and not IRL & AFK).

And realizing that, while you can have 5000 facebook friends and 10000 twitter followers…you’re only going to really know 6 , have an active relationship with 50, and be aware of 150 people at any given time. Choose wisely. And without compromise.

And when you wanna hug them, don’t you dare send an emot. Send directions.

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I travel and create and gather the great

and learn and flirt and I consciously blurt

My thoughts aloud.

I am proud

that I am focused on the moment and what I have devoted it to.

To my ideal self, I am true.

What major lesson(s) did I learn this week?

  •  In most of life, do not waste time considering your options. Do not pursue the cute girl because cute, nor pursue business because money, nor snorkling because you feel like it’s expected of you. Instead, listen. Listen to your thought & feelings, and listen to the actions and reactions going on around you. And choose. Instinctively. Follow your first and most enjoyable instinct.
  • Quantifyable and chartable results are awesome. If you can convey a thought in no more than a glance, you are successful.
  • If you play your A game and be your highest self, you attract abundance. Be awesome, all the time, and everything else seems to take care of itself.
  • I like looking sexy. Especially when I know that I look sexy as an unintended side effect of living a good lifestyle.
  • Listen to your body. Feeling tired? Sleep. Drained? Take a ‘vacation’. Uneasy? Stop avoiding whatever you’re avoiding. Roll with your cycles.
  • I’m carrying to much bullshit in my bag. Extra keys, phone, cologne. Too much heavy shit.
  • Weed accentuates me
  • Go with the flow, and know that wahtever happens will be something you enjoy…and then it’s true.
  • Waking up early is better. Getting into the hustle zone is KEY! Its pure enjoyment in creation.


Photo is sunset at 66 Beach in Kuta, Bali.


“So then you believe you’re perfect?” She said, her scepticism dripping from her voice as she peddled behind me.

“No, far from it,” came my reply, angled by my turn down the narrow bungalo path “I believe in the pursuit of it.”

The balance of evolution used to be in the favor of our surroundings. Our surroundings caused us to evolve more than we caused our surroundings to evolve.

Not anymore.

Now we’re changing our surroundings faster than they’ve ever changed before. We have surrounded ourselves with the fruits of our pursuit of perfection (planes, computers, bicycles, boats) …thereby surrounding ourselves with things that are ever closer to perfect. The majority of things around us are far more perfect than we are, because we put in as much perfect effort as we could into making them.

And we’re doing it so fast and so wonderfully….that now our world is more perfect than we are.

Death is not a problem….in fact, you can live to 80 years old, and immortality is now a serious topic of conversation. Chances to find love are practically infinite…there’s so many people you’ll meet that you are almost guaranteed, if you try, to find many that complement you shockingly well. The tribe you are born into can be fully discarded…and replaced consciously with high standards. You have access to almost everything every living human knows about everything!

Yet we fear eye contact on the subway because…what? We fear rejection by cute people because if they reject us….what?!. We get nervous when making a big business leap. We accept who we have become, by a default of being formed as a child, and do not use the ever expanding and incomprehensibly huge hoard of human knowledge and creativity and thoughts (which we can call upon and search in seconds through a magical thing called Google), to observe, customize, and consciously evolve ourselves.

WHY? Why do we accept the less-than-perfect because it’s easier?


Perhaps because humans have evolved our surroundings far faster than we have evolved ourselves. We are imperfect beings in a world that offers a joyous pursuit of perfection. The opportunities are there to grasp…but we are not programmed to grasp them.
So I say, let us evolve ourselves at the same speed at which we evolved computers and smartphones and new tanks and atom bombs and space rovers and aquaponic farming and Minall backpacks and Inka pens! Let us become equal to the perfection of the world we have created! Let us learn and master the methods of enjoying every moment of existence that we have somehow managed to be able to call our own! Let us deconstruct and rebuild our very life philosophies to serve us as we deconstruct and rebuild the world around us with the intent of improving it for all.

Let us evolve ourselves, consciously.