This is an excerpt from the Words of Focus project.


I have found myself in an ease-of-flow state I have rarely found before.

See, the people I’m working with make me feel safe. I know that, as long as I am dedicated and dive in, they will help me and take care of me. I know that what I’m building here has a clear link to two of my larger life goals: automated income & The Utopia Experiment. I know that I am capable of doing shockingly good work in shockingly tight timeframes. I know that I have become a master of communcation, at least on a cerebral and excitement-alighting level. I know that I am capable of a lot more than I can catagorize easily… I have become hard to define, my job title is the equivalent of general in an army. I am something of a renaissance man, at the very lower bounds of where one might be able to be called that.

And I am inspired. I can see the link of my current situation to both my short-term goal and my huge life goals that are 5 or more years off (yes, I realize that 5 years is not a life…but making serious plans for more than 5 years is ludicrous). And it brings all of them much closer than I expected them to be. My 23 year old goals can be acheived when I’m 21.5. My goals that I had expected to be looking at in my mid-30s could be on the horizon for when I’m 25. Woah.

Most of this is Project Bamboo. I want Mella’s Grocery, a side hustle almost, to be fully grown and automated within 12 months. I should be able to do remote work on it in 6 months, with a few trips to Bali to concentrate on on-the-groud stuff.

And RadNomad? Well, that’s a life project, and as long as I keep it alive (it doesn’t yet have to thrive), I’m content.

The result of all this? Of me finally feeling like I’m on pretty secure groud. Of me seeing my goals much closer than I’ve ever expected them to be. Of me working on something that legitimately lights me on fire.

The result is that I am able to find flow with an ease and regularity that I was last able to achieve during my Marijuana Productivity Experiment.

For the first time in my life, I can see myself as on a path that leads directly to true awesomeness. To the ability to earn friends of the caliber of Ben Yu and Tynan and Colin Wright.

Not so surprisingly, this is the result of a mindset that is new to me. For the first time in my life, I am actually conscious of the voice in my head that attempts to motivate me via admonition and high expectations and unfavorable comparison against others and my ideal self. Jernej was the one who actually pointed out that I had this mindset (until we delved in a bit and he noticed it, I had not even know it was the case. Like if you’re running your computer on Windows, totally unaware that other operating systems like Linux and Chome and iOS exist).

I have also discovered (with the help, again, of Jernej) that I now justify my not being ideal with the excuse that I am not yet idea. It is circular logic, and it also holds true. However, it holds true however I am to use it in this case.

Which means that I can say that I am already my ideal self, because that is who I choose to be.

Yeah, it seems so obvious. Or, perhaps, nonsensical. What it is is the answer to an enigma of life. One that every human is presented with, and most never even recognize as demanding an answer.

Love-by-instinct VS Love-by-MVP

This is an edited excerpt from the Words of Focus project.


Required Qualities

  • Willingness & ability to completely end and disconnect from anyone at any time.
  • Complete openness, honesty, and integrity.
  • Highly attentive to actions of others, and trust of my instinctual understanding of what they signal.

Okay, let’s look at the process I usually follow in my search for love and lust.

We’ll call this process:

Love by Instinct

  • I see the girl. I keep looking. I am infatuated.
  • I pursue the girl.
  • If all goes well, we talk a bit. How much depends on how much we connect…however that isn’t a factor in wanting to have sex.
  • Then, if things continue to go well, we have sex.

So that’s AttentionDesire -> Interest(maybe) -> Action

What’s the result?

A lot of time (and energy. And distraction!) wasted in the Attention phase because it is all I need to have desire.

An interest phase that is almost purely ornamental.

Then an action phase. Which I pay for with far too much time spent in the previous phases that is not balanced with enjoyment.

Now what process would follow Lean Startup Philosophy?

Well call this:

Love by MVP

Phase 1: Attention.

  • I look at girls unabashedly if they catch my eye.
  • If my interest is not above average, I will banish interest and it is over.
  • I do not look too often, and I stay very aware for signs.
    • If I see a sign of disinterest, I banish interest and it is over.
    • If I see no signs, or ambivalence, I banish interest and it is over.
    • If I see a sign of interest (which is defined simply by my gut instinct, as nothing else could possibly be more accurate in this instance), then I introduce myself (when I am not devoted to anything that is more important).

REQUIRED: Above average interest from me & clear interest from her.

Phase 2: Interest

  • I meet the girl. Talk about something relevant to the world we are currently in (so something intriguing about her OR something on my mind).
    • If the conversation fails to start, I banish interest, and it is over.
    • If the conversation isn’t clearly engaging to her and definitively interesting to me, I banish interest, and it is over.
    • If the conversation is going well, I let it flow for as long as it flows. I learn her stories and lifspeki, and I share mine with her.
      • If we part, we will naturally exchange contact info. I will not push for this, and I will see if she does.
        • If she does not, and I do not, I will ask her why she has not, with complete focus on learning why someone who seems exceptionally interested in me would not strive to find a way to not let our relationship die as a sprout. I will analyze her response emotionlessly, with full intent to learn.

REQUIRED: A mutually interesting conversation.

Phase 3: Desire

note: All interactions that make it this far will be recorded as field reports so I can learn from them.

  • As we interact, I will simply allow my desire to guide me. I will allow my eyes to freely roam her body. I will allow my hands and body to interact with hers however they wish. I will stay highly attentive to her reactions, and truthfully and honestly respond to any questions she has for me.
    • If I discover that the desire is not mutual, I banish desire.
      • If I am extremely interested in her as a person (I should be, or else I’m probably cheating my filter), then we stay interested & friends.
      • If I do not consider her a potential member of my tribe, I banish interest and it ends there.
  • If I discover that the desire is mutual, then I simply continue to allow it to guide me. We will make our way to Phase 4 naturally.

REQUIRED: Mutual sexual interest

Phase 4: Action

  • Any one who has made it to Phase 4 is a sexy, interesting, inspiring, story-making, human. And they think the same thing about me.
  • At this point, we have sex. We are either good friends who have sex, or we are lovers. We will most likely continue to have sex, and enjoy each other’s existences until we stop existing.


So, the way I have been doing it up till now is the “LOVE by instinct” method. The method I have just outlined is the “LOVE by mvp” method.

The LOVE by mvp method results in, I hypothesize, slightly less sex than the LOVE by instinct. It results in a significantly more balanced ratio of time and effort spent : enjoyment gained. It also, I hypothesize, results in less time and effort spent overall. It results in an astronomically improved quality of sex and of tribe members.

The LOVE by instinct method results in not much sex. It results in a a very unbalanced ratio of time & effort spent : enjoyment gained, with very little enjoyment for each ‘unit’ of time&effort. It results in a varied quality of sex and tribe member, with a peak that is almost definitely lesser than the LOVE by mvp method.


It is interesting how the best quotes describe a complete feeling and/or thought in but a few words. And those few words are beautiful.

“Simple ain’t easy.” – Joshua Fields Milburn

“Hard is easy.” – Colin Wright

“All I had to do was start where you start with anything else: at the beginning. You just start. Sit down in the chair, type some words, and then type some more words. A lot more. Until you’ve got enough that you can sit down and whittle away at them and make them better words.

It’s not a very easy process, but it’s doable. Predictably doable, even, if you’re willing to do it over and over and over again for a long time. Isn’t that a comforting thought? Nothing creative is out of your reach, so long as you’re willing to get started and keep going.” – Colin Wright

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land amongst the stars.” – Unknown

“I shall show you a love philtre compounded without drug or herb or witch’s spell. It is this: if you wish to be loved, love.” – Hecato

“I’m sorry for the length of my letter, but I had not the time to write a short one.” – Blaise Pascal

And that last perfectly describes the concept. Making something as minimall as possible to fully achieve it’s purpose and nothing more is a thing of beauty. To remove all superfluous pieces and dangly bits. To carve and assemble and polish and display something that perfectly achieves what it was made to achieve as efficiently and as beautifully and as seamlessly as possible.

This is an epitome of creation. It is the core of design.

In the wisdom of the copywriters, “Good copy should be like a woman’s skirt. Long enough to cover the essentials, and short enough to keep it interesting.”.

It is not the length of the writing that matters. It is the necessity of it. If 100,000 words are necessary, and those 100,000 words are well chosen and well edited and well placed, then those thousand words are a concise, efficient, emotional, beautiful thing.

Steve Jobs was a master of this. Taking complicated concepts and bringing them into reality in a quiet, natural, asthetic way that ‘just works’. That is one of the labels I most associate with Apple. It ‘just works’. What a claim to perfection! To simply, without seam or hitch, achieve an intended purpose and nothing else.


This is an excerpt from the Words Of Focus project.


It’s strange that inspiration comes to me ever so late.

Now it’s 420. I have done something that, so far in this experiment, I have been unable to do. I have come home, gone to sleep, and woken back up to write.

It was strange. I woke up knowing that I must write. Even though I had set an alarm over 3 hours earlier for a short 25 minute nap, I still did not wake up for three hours….yet I woke up without a doubt in my mind that now I must write.

And while getting up did take some effort, it was driven by an unquestioned drive. I gotta write. I wasn’t a question, a plea, a demand, or a surrender. It just was. I gotta write.

So I wound myself up with applying the concoction to my wounds, brushing my teeth, and listening to a short letter on Audio Smut. And here we are.

Again, the strangest, and sometimes surprisingly useful and creative, of moods overcomes me when I am at my computer in the early hours of the morning. When I can make it past two AM, something inside me falls into a flow state almost automatically.

The world is turned off, and all that is left is me, one soul, awake at this hour of slumber…creating.

None to disturb me.

Nothing to draw me away.

And, oddly and wonderously, no serious drive to look away.

This is part of the awesome spell that overcomes me: focus.

I hardly even want to grab a bottle of water right now, lest I lose my flow.

I felt that addiction-fueled urge to check Facebook, to check email, even though this hour has been predetermined and does not include those things. Usually, resistance is a battle. It is now too, but the outcome is clear almost from the beginning of the fight. I do not want to open facebook to see if any cute girls messaged me. I do not want to open email and read about what my businesses need from me.

I gotta write.

The other half of this magical spell is the passion and playfulness of my creativity in the early hours.

I love that compared to the day, the world is unchanging this moment.

At 520, everyone will still be asleep.

At 520, it will still be dark outside. Perhaps the first few lights of dawn hearalding the day to come.

At 520, I will be surrouneded by as many people as I am now. None. The music will be the same as it is now. Repetitive cloverfield. My writing will be done. My sleep will resume.

I would so love to be able to wake up at 4 am every day. To stay up for an hour or three, then to go back to sleep. It would require naps through the day. Naps which I will be happy to take. Then my waking hours can be shortened, and I can create this bubble. This spell.

I wonder how this spell would fare with consistency. Would it return night upon night? Would joining the flow be as simple as sitting down and beginning to tap the keys?

I do not know.

I would want a thing. A general purpose.

But I don’t think it can be a must.

Or, perhaps, not all of it.

It could be the time of my writing. I wake up at 4 and write my hour. Then I can go back to sleep. Or I can stay up and explore something else. But I have begun, and so the spell has had it’s chance to be cast.

From there, it is in fate’s hand.

This is an excerpt from the Words Of Focus project.