Update [April 6, 2016]: I’ve proven that I’m right about this. I will never need to worry about basic income needs (<$3500 USD/month) again. 10 days ago, I unexpectedly lost all sources of income & did not have any plans to make more. As of today, I have a $2500/month contract with one startup, and a $4000/month contract with another (though it’s being paid 100% in equity for the first month). It took me 10 days to secure $6500 doing things I deeply enjoy. Life goal = achieved. 

Man that feels good.

A month ago, I was flat broke.

I had borrowed money from my mother, grandmother, father in law, friends. And despite that, Asha & I were back to counting cents so tightly that we couldn’t take a ride on the subway without worrying about it.

And this wasn’t a new state of affairs for me. I’ve been having money problems since I first begin playing around with entrepreneurship when I was 16. There have been periods where I wasn’t worried, but most of the time I was painfully low on funds.

Today, I have $2500 USD in my bank accounts. I have another $1750 coming in every month, $500 coming in this week, and I’m meeting to close a deal for $2000/month on Friday. Also included in these deals are profit shares & startup equity. Plus, I deeply enjoy both the work I’m doing and the projects I’m working on.

If anything falls through, I’m not worried; I’ve got about 3-5 clients I’ve had to turn down because I don’t have the time for them right now. My cold-pitch email response rate from potential clients is 75.68%.

Growth Hacking Cold Email Response Rate

You know what changed? You know what it took me 6 fucking years to learn?