• Clubs/bars with friends/connections are much more fun. Also, music really matters.
  • The key is learning to simultaneously think that you have done the best you can and yet know how you can do better
  • Asking strangers for anything is naturally hard. Most humans simply can’t.
  • Desperation is the mother of mastery
  • I’m not sure what the root cause is, but I am unattractive to most humans. I’m pretty sure its not my looks. My guess is I’m either too eccentric and/or too short.

Started kinda out of nowhere shortly after I arrived in Taipei. My fire to work and my passion just started wavering and wound up crashed. I spend about a week doing very little work.

Not sure what started it. Or what ended it.

On Nov 28, I wrote this note.
So, I feel motivation coming back. With a big dose of stress for being behind schedule.

Why is my motivation coming back?
Well, I spent days trying to get it back. And it’s seemed to be coming slowly.


So, I’ve been trying to eliminate crashes from my life. Its a life goal to have no weeks be so down that I would overall regret my actions in hindsight.

You can see a few examples of crashes here.

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 3.22.12 PM

Towards this effort, I’ve begun keep tracking of crashes in my life, and recording both how they happened, what happened, and my efforts to get out of them.

I’ll publish them ever and now and then on this blog.