April (and the rest of March)

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been really fucked up for the past month or so. I’ve been lazy as a motherfucker, I’ve lost all direction, I’ve forgotten what I wanted, and so I found myself dying alive. Not to mention I’ve made zero progress towards my goals (negative progress actually).

After the Sono Solo post, I kinda worked through a lot of what’s been fucking with my head. It was a mistake to drop my game and polyphasic goals, because I enjoyed them. Sure, I was taking on more than I could chew, but I loved it. I was living on the edge, always pushing to get more and more done, and moving forward at a pretty sweet pace.

Since I dropped them, all I had left was to make money which, let’s face it, I don’t really enjoy. It involves a lot of cold calling and client dealing and just boring stuff.

Don’t get me wrong, getting rich can (and must) be great fun, but there’s far too much humdrum tasks and tedious work that I must force myself to do for it to be my main goal. As I have found out, after a while of facing a calendar of tasks that I hate, I simply fall into video games and the like and wind up living dead.


That’s why I like having a goal like Becoming a Master Pick Up Artist to off set it. The road to being a master pick up artist is exciting through and through. You read inspiring advice, go out and explore the world, talk to people who fascinate you, improve and get to know yourself, and (when you get some skills) make love to a stream of gorgeous and interesting women. It’s all exciting.

And, when I know that today will consist of that, my mind is kicked into achiever mode. I either head out and do it immediately (which gets the ball rolling when it’s time to do the hard stuff), or anticipate a night of going out and rip through the hard stuff because I’m pumped already.

So now I’m bringing back my goal of becoming a master pick up artist (as well as polynapping because it’s good fun).


So, to the battle plan:



Become a Master Pick Up Artist

Since I’m starting from the beginning, I’m going back to focusing on nailing the approaches and setting up day twos. I’ll also become active on a couple forums (one from montreal and fastseduction.com for now), and reading a few old books that pumped me up (double your dating, nineball, and something by Zan Perrion.)

I’m faced with the logistical obstacle of being broke, so I’ll have to get creative on my outing ideas (and avoid clubs).

So, this month’s PUA goals:

  • 70 points a week
  • Meet up with local PUAs (through Project Toronto) and sarge.
  • Split test a variety of openers to find a couple with good reactions and versatility
    • Hi
    • the bet
  • Read 9ball, DYD, and Zan’s archives
  • Make 4 posts each on TML and fastseduction
  • Masterbait once a week

$3500/month with <5hours of work/week

Right, so I’m in debt, a sham of a copywriter and, all in all, not doing too well on the business end of life.

I’m dropping copywriting cause I hate it and I’m not good at it. I’m reviving Rad Nomad cause that shit is awesome. I’m working with Andy Drish (for free for now) because I need to get good at cold calling anyway, and Andy’s an awesome mentor. That will make my time a huge mass of deal making. It’s gonna get repetitive, and it’s gonna suck balls, but it’s gotta get done.

This month’s Biz goals

  • Get 2 partners for Referral Squirrel (should be easy enough to do in 6 weeks)
  • Move MBS to Rad Nomad
  • Build 10 shops and contact all 10 nomads
  • Write for 4 shops
  • Book 4 talks for Andy

Optional Month Goals

Like I said, I dropped polynapping and that sucked. So I’m picking it back up.

It’s good that I don’t have too many intense thinking tasks set up for the month, because I won’t be performing at my top until I adjust. I’m leaping right back into the uberman, starting in a couple hours.


I also got barred from the US, which has lead to me spending about 2 months at home (oh the humanity). I’m thinking about backpacking to BC now, but I’m not sure about it because there are a couple huge gaps where I’d have no where to sleep for days. I’m making a final decision tomorrow, and I’ll let you know what it is.


Also, I’ll be spending the next 13 weeks on Eben Pagan’s wake up productive course.



– Eddy


P.S. I’ll be making a few posts related to this in the coming days. A theme for 2012, some reverse deadlines in action, and my next adventure destination

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