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A few things I’m almost certain are true…


The below is very outdated. Will update eventually.

Among ancient Greek historians the tale of Eddy Azar, the original Prince Charming, is well known. An exceedingly handsome and, yes, charming young man, Eddy was a champion of the merchant class, a bona fide ladies’ man, and an honorary Spartan. A mentor and role model for teenage Alexander the Great, Eddy met a tragically romantic death at the hands of his beautiful mistress.

Ok, that’s not true. But they say history is written in the eyes of the historian.

As you already know, my name is Eddy Azar. I am an entreprenomad fascinated with women, travel, and the beauty of life.

Ever since my friends began saying: “I wanna be an astronaut or president…or Spiderman”, I have looked to my future and found myself confused by my elders’ satisfaction. How, I asked myself (and others), could they be content with lives that had fallen so short of their dreams? The answer always given to me is that dreams are not realistic.

So I turned to unrealistic people and found my role models in the form of Tim Ferriss, Eben Pagen, and Ramit Sethi. Learning from their advice and chasing my unrealistic dreams, I set up a freelance copywriting gig and, after earning $80/hour as a highschool dropout, concluded that I’m simply not good at reality. From here, I am building a minimalist backpacker shop, writing a few ebooks,  and experimenting with a plethora of automated income ideas to free me from work, allow me the energy to learn loads of interesting skills, and enjoy life.

My reality impairment has lead me to love the root of the word hobo: “homeward bound”. Every success I reach brings me tantalizing closer to my dream of becoming an international hobo. I plan to live for two year periods in a plethora of cities including Los Angles, Paris, Cape Town, and Tokyo, maybe someday finding my dream city or else continuing to explore every facet of human culture on this enormous speck of marvelous rock.

Every time I have traveled the world I have come back a far wiser and experienced man. From an unhealthy nerd to a fit and social man because of my stay in Mexico (thank you bikini clad twins), received my official party MBA during my exchange trip to the Netherlands (Thank you Absinthe), and experienced a whole new world of young love and heartbreak in Israel (Thank you Nofar).

In a life where every today is a priceless wonder, I strive to experience the widest and deepest range of emotions, avoiding only boredom and stress.

Carpe Diem! Tomorrow never comes.



  1. Made it to China yet? Let me know if you’re in Beijing, I’d like to talk with you about conquering the world.

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