April Review

Whew, it’s been an amazing month, and it’s only just starting.

I’ve gone from depressed, broke, living at home, and near friendless to invigorated, owning my own place, surrounded by awesome people, and still broke xP.

I’ve joined Stepan’s business and brought on an SEO master, and we’re headed for a few hundred or thousand dollars per month in automated income in a year or so. I’ve gotten laid for the first time in forever, I’ve gotten half polyphasic, and I’m just rocking it like a boss.

So, onto the review:

Become a Master Pick Up Artist

This goal got unintentionally shelved yet again by polyphasic sleeping (clubbing was killing me), and intense business goals. I’ve done some work on online dating, and I’ve used text game, a good wingman, great alone game, and a shitton of luck to get with my third girl ever (and, icing on the cake, she’s a totally cool chick. Great fuckfriend material.)

I’ve also gotten more involved on TML, masturbated very little, and met a ton of local PUAs (a few in Toronto, but more in my new hometown of Montreal).

  • 70 points a week – Failed

I’m still think this is an awesome idea, but it’s time consuming. Most of my time is devoted biz and inner self improvement at the moment, but I’ll get back to this once I’m making a hundred or so a week through an automated stream.

  • Meet up with local PUAs (through Project Toronto) and sarge. – Completed
  • Split test a variety of openers to find a couple with good reactions and versatility – Completed.

I didn’t do much intentional cross testing, but I did use quite a few approaches repeatedly and got a good feel for how they work.

      • Hi, your cute, bla bla = not great. Something about telling a girl she’s cute seems to turn her off…weird.
      • The bet = This one will almost always a conversation and often a number…but it’s cheezy and I feel like the girls probably know it’s canned. I’d rather have something that comes from inside me, not from my memory.


  • Read 9ball, DYD, and Zan’s archives – half done.

Read 9Ball, some of DYD, and just a touch of Zan’s archives. I’ll revive this goal when I’ve got a few hundred and I’m back into game (I’m sick of postponing game man)

  • Make 4 posts each on TML and fastseduction – Completed

I stuck with TML and abandoned fastseduction.

  •  Masterbait once a week

I think I did even less than this.

$3500/month with <5hr/work week

Last time I posted, I said I was a sham of a copywriter. I was only half right.

My writing itself is awesome and always improving. But my ability to deal with clients and give them what they wanted was horrible. I’ve left freelance copywriting behind and begun writing for my own ventures. I’m considering SEO article writing as the quality of articles can be lower and I am therefore less likely to do a bad job and/or have to edit my work according to my customer’s needs.

I had a ton of Rad Nomad goals; I didn’t achieve a single one. No worries, I think Rad Nomad is a great idea, but not a fast cash source (which is what I need now). I’ll definitely turn it into a major blog, store, community, etc. at a later date.

I also had the goal of booking some talks and getting some clients for Referral Squirrel. I failed here as well, only managing to book one talk and get no clients. This, however, is not for lack of trying. I think my calling strat needs some SERIOUS refinement, and I’m gonna have frequent calls and editing with Andy (as well as getting some advice from other sources) to fix this.

Optional Month Goals

I’m still rocking the Uberman, but I’m not making much progress. That said, I’m trying hard (and I’m trying even harder now), and my body’s adapted to the 21 hour days and many parts of the uberman process. I’ll get there, soon.

My travels landed me with an apartment in Montreal. It’s simply awesome.

Eben Pagan’s course is amazing. Take it.

– Eddy

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