Beating Heavy Inertia

This is the hard part. You’ve come to a full stop. The laws of physics want you to stay put.

As usual, the first step to being awesome is getting started. But, to go from here to awesomeness will require all your focus & willpower.

You might enjoy it, and you will for sure once you’re back in the flow. But, no matter what, it will be hard. You need to rev up your brain, get it thinking in the right patterns again, and jump forward to get shit done.

It doesn’t matter what stopped you. It could just be a slow morning. Or it could be a breakup, falling in love, crashing your scooter, taking a vacation… Whatever it is, it derailed you from your priority #1: Entrepreneurship (in my case, at least).

So what do you do? If you’ve got a routine, you follow it to the dot. 50/1o rituals, morning rituals, learning rituals, the works. You work and work and work until you’re exhausted, and the only goal is to get your mind back to that awesome state of entrepreneurship.

First: Get Motivated. Persistence is remembering what you want. Why are you doing this? Read your life goals? Read brain training by Tynan.

Second: Remember this…Procrastination will not make you happy. You won’t feel good at all after giving into it, you will wish you could go back and change it. You will be re-enforcing this habit which, surprisingly quickly when left unchecked, will throw you wayy off your path towards your goals and into somewhere murky and sodden. If you’re avoiding work because it’s hard or scary, remember that you can only improve my failing. Don’t be afraid to fail, just try. Just do it.

Third: Start. Do what you gotta do for 50 minutes. Take a 10 minute break. Another 50, and a 40 minute break. Repeat ad infinitum.

Fourth: If you really need help, call up a friend & mentor. Tell them what’s up, hear their advice, and then go back to step 3.

At the end of the day, if you tried, feel great. You’ve done well. That’s all that matters: you gave it your all. Tomorrow, repeat the process till you’re back in the flow.


You want to live an awesome life? This is part of the recipe.

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