Books are psychedelics

A good book can be a formidable thing.

It must be handled with respect and wariness. With full knowledge that, while it has great power to inspire and teach, it is also as addictive as any video game.

Left to the care of willpower alone, the book will win. It will always win. It’s siren’s call of just one more paragraph, chapter, hour, will expand to fill as many hours as it possibly can.

What is the purpose for which I read the Wheel of Time?

I read it because I deeply enjoy it. Because it captivates me, inspires me, and stirs up in my a distinctive lean towards the epic.

None of these things is more important than creation or direct inspiration/learning however. These are long-going pleasures. Things that will improve me on the macro, but only when used properly. And are additive and damaging if not controlled.

Books are psychedelics! To overuse or to misuse them is to knowingly bring about my own disaster. To use them with consciousness and respect is to ensure growth and a powerful centeredness.

I know how I must use them, in this mindset. This book is to be a wonderful immersion in times of complete relaxation. After the day’s creation is done (or at rest for a period). This includes pomodaro breaks, so long as I am sure of my ability to immediately close the book at the ringing of the bell.

If I am using it during times of creation or learning, however, I am misusing the book, damaging myself and my ability to enjoy it.

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