• Clubs/bars with friends/connections are much more fun. Also, music really matters.
  • The key is learning to simultaneously think that you have done the best you can and yet know how you can do better
  • Asking strangers for anything is naturally hard. Most humans simply can’t.
  • Desperation is the mother of mastery
  • I’m not sure what the root cause is, but I am unattractive to most humans. I’m pretty sure its not my looks. My guess is I’m either too eccentric and/or too short.

Singapore At Night

  • Never assume you’re going to get money until you have the money. Things go south.
  • Relationships can be hard as FUCK. They can devolve into painful, psychologically harmful, shitstorms of damaging emotions and mutual harm causing. They can really suck and break you down.

  • Video games can be excellent family bonding tools. Even/especially when the family is not together
  • Watching the world go by on the train is quite relaxing & enjoyable
  • When Asha asks me to listen to her music, it’s often because she’s in a flow and wants to show it to me in that moment. Putting it off can result in the flow ending without her showing it to me, and leave her frusturated and sad.
  • In Paypal’s early days (pre acquisition by eBay), they only hired people they knew though could become good friends with.
  • Board game meetups can be a lot of fun.
  • Lorenzo’s got a tattoo of a pillow in his right arm. It says, in Chinese, Grace’s pillow. Because that’s where his daughter Grace slept when she was a child.

July 20 - 26

  1. Sweating to clean oneself is quite effective. For the first 2 hours or so, the sweat will wash away the dirt on you and in your pores. If you leave during this time, you’ll be sticky and smell sweaty. After that, it’s much like taking a saltwater bath.
  2. Once you start, creating is a lot of fun.
  3. Planning can be a serious form of procrastination. It feels productive and energizing, but if you don’t follow through then it was just masturbation.
  4. You can distance yourself from pain using The Flame & The Void meditation. I proved this by holding my hand in ice water for three minutes and having parts of it where I was able to distance myself from the pain
  5. You can forget to do regular things if you miss your trigger point. For example, not starting your nightly ritual when the alarm rings = nearly forgetting to review your day.
  6. I like gym workouts, when they’re short.
  7. Once you’ve begun a day badly, it’s quite hard to get it on the right track.

A good book can be a formidable thing.

It must be handled with respect and wariness. With full knowledge that, while it has great power to inspire and teach, it is also as addictive as any video game.

Left to the care of willpower alone, the book will win. It will always win. It’s siren’s call of just one more paragraph, chapter, hour, will expand to fill as many hours as it possibly can.

What is the purpose for which I read the Wheel of Time?

I read it because I deeply enjoy it. Because it captivates me, inspires me, and stirs up in my a distinctive lean towards the epic. (more…)

So, I was hypnotized. Past life regression hypnotized to be specific.

In keeping with my subscription of the religion of “I don’t know”, I’ve got no idea what happened here. Could be placebo. Could be imagination. Could be that I got in touch my soul, and it’s memory of past lives.

I don’t know.

What I do know is that the advice I got from my ideal self is excellent.

So, well, here it is:

Note: to see my past lives, check out the Word of Focus post here.

Why did Eddy see these particular past lives? The life as the tribe member, the life of the dog, and the life of the merchant. (more…)

  1. I learned that the best way to get into a hugely productive mindset is to make it so that you no choice. You’re either in hustle, or everything fails.
  2. I have put myself in a position where i must either be excellent or fail. There is very little safety room here. I must be excellent.
  3. On the plus side, I enjoy nothing more in life than being excellent.
  4. I learned that, sometimes, the only thing that matters is who you’re spending your time with, even when you’re not doing anything.
  5. Tight deadlines with real stakes are a huge help to this. Tim Ferriss already told me this.
  6. I do need to scale back on my workload just a bit. I’m at
  7. I have trained myself to escape from thought and focus. To be able to, in dance and social interaction and whatever, switch my mind from hustling & creating to flowing and exploring. I love this.
  8. I must consciously guard my focus agaisnt programmed self-distraction. To actively pause myself when I am doing something off, write it down if it must be done later, and focus on the thing I have devoted my time to.
  9. Momentum is huge. If you can get that thing running, you get a flywheel. If you let it stagnate, you get a big flat bottomed block of heavy stone. Get intertia in your favour, and you’re golden.
  10. Eating filler is a waste of time. Stuff like packet ramen noodles don’t cure hunger for long or provide energy.
  11. Creative writing and planning tends to take far longer than planned.
  12. Talking with friends is HUGELY rejuvinating.
  13. Sleep has a huge and noticeable impact on all my functions. Creativity, playfulness, memory, focus.
  14. I can go a day without sleeping and still kcik ass, though. But I’m lower energy. I can’t go 3 days.
  15. I learned that being real and honest works. It almost always results in my having what I desire, and it has never yet harmed me.
  16. I learned that passion consumes all barriers. No thing will stop a person who is insanely passionate in their pursuit of a goal.
  17. There truly is a beauty to the stillness of the world at night. I doubted it, but it is true that the absence of humans around you allows you to zone in.
  18. Focus is not a universal problem. I have it, but a ton of people don’t.
  19. I fucking LOVE dancing when I am able to change my mindset into my instinctual and primal and playful self.

“Focus. Do one thing at a time and do it well.”

That one one of the excellent bits of advice given to me by Michael when my internship ended at Liv.it.

So what do I do upon being free to leap into whatever I wanted? I found one business, co-found two others, and agree to ghost-write and market a book.


That was about four months ago. Today, I dropped/shelved two of those. Both projects I absolutely love, one of them a project I’ve been trying on and off to get off the ground since 2012. I had to hurt one of my close friends and business partners too.

So…why did I do it? Why did I take on so much stuff, and why did I end up hurting myself and others to drop some of it?

And what have I learned?


Who Starts 3 Businesses & A Book In 3 Months?!?

I get excited about new projects like a cat gets excited about passing mice. Without thinking, I see their potential and future in my mind’s eye and go off chasing them to bring them into reality. The thought that this will be anything less than an intense and profitable adventure hardly even crosses my ecstatic mind.

It’s my natural inclination to run with multiple projects at a time. I don’t think I could devote everything I’ve got to just one major goal and stay excited.

So I decided to put my inclination to a test of reality. To let it loose and observe the results. To intentionally bite off more than I can chew.

Choking On Gourmet Mice

Back to that cat analogy, have you ever seen a cat chase and catch three mice (and a book)? Right.

Everything on my plate was gourmet…but that doesn’t matter when you can’t breath through all the food in your mouth.

After a few months of bi-polarism, continually knowing that I’ve been shortchanging my partners, making inchworm progress in many directions, and going from ‘I am god’ to ‘I am fucked’ and back again in 24 hours…and it seemed obvious that my experiment had born results. My hypothesis was that I could do 7 things at once (Surf Stoked, BookKritters, RadNomad, Event Photography Book, MetaLearning Surfing, Monthly Experiments, and Reading) and rock them all. All the while trying to fall in love and meet cool new people and go on the occasional unplanned adventure.

It would appear that that hypothesis has been disproven. I have failed.

On to the next one.

I Seems I Still Have Not Learned The Lesson

As usual with any venture, I learned a lot. I’ve gotten wayy better at outsourcing, and doing what matters now, and at enjoying high-intensity situations.

And, with the results as they are, it would seem that Michael’s theory of focus is worth a test…but I’m not going to test it just yet.

See, I love to do lots of stuff. Being a polymath, or Renaissance man, would seem to be my forte.

So I’m scaling back. But not all the way back.

I theorized a month or so ago that the ideal focus situation looks something this:

  • One Major Project
  • One Experiment
  • One Side Project
  • Three Books
    1. Main Focus in Life (Entrepreneurship)
    2. Side Project (MetaLearning/Surfing)
    3. Relax

So that’s what I’ll be doing. See you in a few months, perhaps, with the results.


Projects as of this post:

  • Major Project
    1. Surf Stoked
  • Experiment
    1.  Stakes Experiment
  • Secondary Project
    1.  Event Photography Book
  • Books & Notes
    1. Entrepreneurship: Hackers & Painters by Paul Graham
    2. Learning: The First 20 Hours OR A Surfing Book
    3. Relax: Some New Kind of Trailer Trash by Brad Blanton