Atop the world

There I was. Sitting on a foot thick ledge on the wrong side of the rail, legs swinging in the air over 27 stories off the ground.

I took a deep, gentle, breath, and looked out over the world. I understood why monks meditated on mountains…there’s something amazing about watching the world do it’s thing far below you. You become detached from that reality, and enter a new realm of your own…a realm that feels much more like god.

Suddenly, the need to jump came to me. I could soar, and experience something no one else had. I’d always known that free-falling was the best way to die…great view and enough time to reflect on the beauty of life and the wonder of what comes next.


Stop…back up.

Two years before that, I was hanging out with a couple friends in a dirt park. We were carrying our bikes up big dirt piles and rocketing down the other side, so the fear conquering mood was already upon us.

It just so happens, I’d been terrified of heights as long as I could remember. Tree climbing nearly made me wet myself.

So I skipped on over to the one story building near by, with the brick pattern that jutted strait out and back in by a half inch every other row. And I started to climb it.

My fingers were raw from gripping half inches of rough brick, my shoulders burnt out from lifting my weight, my body scraped from falling multiple times and my adrenaline pumping when I finally pulled myself over the top and rolled onto the roof.

My friends followed me up by hopping on the fence beside it, and then grabbing the top and lifting themselves up. Lazy buggers xP.


This was it, I’d had the rush, and I was addicted now.

From schools to advertisements to people’s roofs to a large portion of downtown Toronto, if I saw it, I climbed it.

And I kept going higher and higher….I still do

So back to my leap of faith.

As I sat atop the world, seriously considering taking a flight to my death, my adventure buddy Yauhenni was snapping pics behind me (he had just done it too).

My awesomesauce adventure buddy Yauhenni! On my roof xD

I let out a cry of pure excitement, letting go of the rail and reaching my hands to the sky I could almost reach. I got up on my feet, took another deep breath,

and jumped

back over the rail.

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