Coming Clean

I Exaggerate. This is my least favorite part of me and one I am working to destroy: I talk a big game and make big plans, but often fail to follow through or wind up exaggerating the truth.

Odds are, I’ve bent the truth while talking to you. I don’t often lie outright, but I’ll exaggerate my awesomeness wayy too often.

So now it’s time to come clean on a few points. I’m done trying to inflate my awesomeness because that means I don’t believe I’m awesome enough to begin with. Annihilating this will sever the last bonds I have to the Talker group and put me firmly in the camp of Doers.

So here are my exaggerations:

  • Yes I do make $60-$80/hour as a freelance copywriter. But I only average about $360/month (I firmly believe I could triple this in three months if I devoted some serious effort into improving my skills, tracking my results, and getting clients. But I waffle whether I want to or not [wasting time on a job I don’t love vs. reliable and large location independent income at my finger tips])
  • No I am not sleeping 2 hours/night on the uberman. I am sleeping 3 on a good night, and often closer to 5. (Working on this)
  • I’m not yet good with women. In fact, I’m pretty positive my conversion stats are well below average. I’m working on this now.
  • I am not that amazing a copywriter (although I am FARRR better at writing and copywriting than most who try it)
  • I am not yet some far travelling Nomad. I have been mostly nomadic for 2 months now, but have yet to leave my country and go to San Fran like I planned. I plan to be in the US by the end of Feb.
  • I’m not close friends with many globetrotting entrepreneurs (excepting Stepan). That said, I do talk to quite a few of them on a somewhat regular basis.

There. Those are my most common exaggerations blown out of the water.

If you’ve been wondering if I’m full of it about anything, ask me in the comments. I’ll come clean.


Cheers to the stubborn pursuit of awesomeness,

– Eddy

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