Day 16 of The 1st Self Trust Experiment

Experiment here.


Today, I will write the AC Launch blog post


1) Codacademy – [1]
2) Practice code [1]
3) Verbatim [1]
4) AC – Meeting [1]
5) AC – Write Launch Post [1]
6) AC – Write launch social media [.5]
7) Study The First 20 Hours

Result: Failed

Two lessons learned.

1) Do the most important thing earliest. AC is more important than coding, so do that first. Keeps you fresh for the stuff that has the most impact.

2) Do not allow yourself to become distracted at a transition point. I was about to transition to work, a transition that required willpower. At the same time, a friend showed up and invited me to hang out. I could have said no, or hung out for less time. Instead, I hung out for 3 hours, mostly wasting time.

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