Day 5 of the Self Trust Experiment

Experiment here.



Today, I will work for 9 hours and learn for 3. I will be 100% focused during work time. Today I will be perfect.


Scratch that. On advice from my friend Chris, I’ll be making these into actionable goals instead of timelines.

So the promise: By the end of today, I have written second drafts of the Mailbird PR & Emails, the first drafts of the Alpha & Beta Multi-Account Newsletters, and completed the first drafts of the Atlas China PRs.

Result: Failed

This is interesting. I’m consistently failing to reach my goals. Now, I know it’s not because they’re out of reach…I’ve done stuff like this before.

Consistently, the cause of failure is procrastination. Often high level procrastination like watching documentaries that feels productive.

Now the work isn’t that fun or inspiring. While, as far as I’ve seen, Mailbird is the most productivity boosting email app the world has yet seen…actually, reminding myself of that inspires me to work.


So does reminding myself that this is the next step leading towards world travel, creations in worlds of my passions (weed, nomadship, immortality, etc.). Hmm. I’ll keep thinking up a solution here.

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