Experiment: No Masturbation for 30 Days

I’ve noticed that, after masturbating, I just feel drained. My creative writing ability seem to die, my drive to do achieve my daily goals goes away, I lose my skill at problem solving, and I just feel like watching something mindless or reading for pleasure.

I know that sex just makes me feel happy and relaxed, and I still want to do awesome stuff. So it must be something about the psychology of masturbating.

Not to mention, I can’t really see a plus side to the whole thing.

So, I’m setting up an experiment to see what will happen if I don’t masturbate for 30 days.

No Masterbating

Experiment: Don’t masturbate for 30 days. September 29th – October 29th

Thesis: I expect that abstaining from masturbation will boost my creativity, my eagerness to get laid (seeing as the only way I can get off is with a friend), and increase my productivity.


Question 1: How will it effect my creativity and ability to write?

Question 2: How will it effect my productivity and drive to get things done?

Question 3: Will I be consciously fighting the urge to masturbate, or just forget about it?

Question 4: Will I feel the urge to masturbate after the experiment is over?

Question 5: Will I become more sexual or less sexual because of this? In other words, will my body fight to find ways for me to get off, or will it just assume that I can’t and so stop pushing for it?



  • I can’t touch my penis in any sexual way while alone for 30 days.
  • I can’t watch porn for 30 days.
  • I can have all the sex I want xD



  • I will record anything interesting that happens related to the experiment.
  • I will report on day 1, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30.
  • I will track all of the 5 questions above, and anything else that occurs to me.


The longest I’ve ever done before was about 3 weeks, on my trip to the Netherlands. Let’s see how it goes.



– Eddy


P.S. You’ll notice there’s absolutely no creativity in this post. Can you guess why?

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