February Road Map

January was a pretty amazing month, and a damn good way to kick off the year. From living in a city for over a month without family, to sleeping three hours a day, to upping my game with women, to getting an internship.

Plans for this month:

$3500/month w/ <5hours work/week

  • Reposition MBS
  • Set up all the personalized backpacker stores on MBS
  • Set up “Beginner, Extreme, and Minimalist” stores
  • Contact Backpackers about their stores.
  • Make $500 via copywriting
  • Keep working in my internship to build connections and gain knowledge.
  • Apply to a crap ton more internships (formal and informal)
  • Build the foundations for my Polynapping startup

Master Seduction Artist

I’ve realized that, since I will be traveling a lot, the odds of finding a girlfriend who is sexy as hell, interesting, and willing to travel with me is very unlikely. It’s gonna be a while till I find her.

So my goal with women for the next few months (till the end of May at least), is to have sex with as many beautiful women as possible.

I will be focusing having sex the same day I meet them.

I will also be participating in many forums and societies of pick up artists, meeting with local PUAs to go out and “sarge”, and learning a crap ton of PUA knowledge.


  • Achieve the 150 point / week goal (this goal is very objectifying to women, so I’m not going to get into detail here. Suffice it to say that it brings joy to all involved)
  • Be very active in the PUA community. Find locals, post on forums, read blogs, take courses.
  • Aim for kiss closes

Optional Month Goal

By the end of Feb, I’ll be very well adjusted to the Uberman. I’m sleeping at 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, and 24 every day for 25 minutes. The bet with Tynan just completed and I’ll be posting about it soon.

I’m also adding another month goal in leau of week goals: make $500 in “Fast Cash“.

  • Sleep on the Uberman
  • Make $500 in Fast Cash

Side Note: Life Nomadic

As I said in my previous post, it’s time for me to move out of Montreal and back onto my original track.

Next week, I’ll be stopping by Newmarket to see some friends, rock that sleepy little club-less town, and reminisce like an 80 year old on the days of yore.

After that it’s off to NY to get some serious culture shock and see one of the most insane examples of mass humanity on earth.

Then west to sunny San Fran to set up a home base for a few months, enjoy the city of my dreams, and connect with master entrepreneurs, PUAs, and amazing people.

The goal for this month:

  • Be in USA by the end of February

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