Hard Rule: No Video Games Until $3500/month

I’ve got a level 16 Wargen hunter & a level 11 Bloodelf mage. I didn’t have either of these things 2 days ago.

To get them required that I spend about 20 solid hours staring at a computer screen. All the while sitting beside a huge open window with a view of palm trees, rice patties, lazy rivers, and blue skies replete with puffy white clouds.


What could I have done in those 20 hours?

Well, a new friend invited me to go surfing with him at a beach I haven’t yet been to. Another online and particularly fascinating friend (a male BDSM sub, for those of you who know what this means) invited me out for beers.

I could have been planning my awesome week, complete with a new brain boosting meal group I’ve been put in charge of creating. And then I could have put the first, Mailbird related, part of this week plan into action.


Instead, I leveled up my Wargen.


After a bit of thought (didn’t take much), it occurred to me that my life would be more enjoyable and interesting if it didn’t involve shit like this.

And, thanks to some advice from Sebastian Marshall (which, until now, I treated as one of those that’s-a-great-idea-that-I-don’t-wanna-actually-do) on setting hard rules, I’m removing it.


Now I don’t wanna get rid of video games forever…they’ve got some fun stuff in there. But I do want it out of the way while I’m trying to build the foundations (and perhaps the first floor) of an awesome life.

So, new hard rule:

I don’t play video games or watch TV until I’ve reached $3500/month automated.


The only exception being when it’s educational or inspirational (like watching the Departures TV series or playing the entrepreneurial education game Startup Heros).

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