January Goalz

Alright, let’s get this shit done.

Become a Master Pick Up Artist

January is all about approaches and numbers. I’m spending a few weeks in Montreal, so I’ll be able to go from meet to number to fuck with a girl or two xD.

Every day, I’m approaching a five girlies. I want a number a day. I’ll use a few canned routines and a bunch of suggestions that push my limits (where am I?, talking about sex, eye contact, disagree, etc.), as well as a few sets that involve me walking up and being totally real.

I’m also gaming with another PUA when I hit Toronto. He’s opening up a TO layer and it sounds awesome, so we’re gonna game to see if we get on beautifully together. I wanna start gaming and hanging with other PUAs so, when I make a few bucks, I’m gonna start contacting them and going out.

So, this month’s PUA goals:

  • 5 approaches a day. If I fail, I have one day to make up the difference
  • 4 numbers a week
  • Get laid once

$3500/month with <5hours of work/week

This month is all about getting MBS ready for serious action. That means getting all my dropshipping deals locked in.

I’ll be contacting 5 leads each for 3 products a day. That’s 15 calls a day for three products.

I will also be doing some copywriting to get a few bucks, so I’ve set a goal of $500 from copywriting this month.

This month’s Biz Goals:

  • 15 calls each for 3 products to MBS Dropshippers every day
  • $500 total from copywriting gigs

Optional Month Goals

This month is all about getting into a polyphasic sleep schedule. Namely the SPAMAYL. I’m told it takes around 2 weeks to adjust to. I’ll be tracking the time I spend asleep and awake, and let you know how much time I’m saving.

To start, I sleep average of 9 hours a day without any alarm.

I’m also going to start recording the life les

sons I learn every day in my twitter account.

Month Goal:

  • Get into SPAMAYL sleep schedule: Sleep whenever I’m tired for 25minute increments
  • Record a lesson learned every day

Optional Week Goal

I’ve got one multi-week goal this month. I will spend two weeks doing Pickup Artist visualizations every day. Each visualization will go from approach to sex, and will all take different and possible paths.

  • Write a game visualization every day


Alright, I’m off to take a 25 minute nap xD



– Eddy

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