January Review

Become a Master Pick Up Artist


  • Approach 5 girls a day = SUCCESS
  • Get 4 numbers a week = failed
  • Get laid once = failed
What does this mean? That I’m alright at approaching. I can get over AA easily enough, I can approach any girl, and I’m even persistent.
I’m not sure where the problem is (I’m going to a meetup tonight with some better PUAs, I’ll theorize before and get some opinions)…but I’m gonna go out with some pros and get some higher up opinions and really start paying attention to each interaction to see what happens.

$3500/month with <5hours of work/week

  • 15 calls each for 3 products to MBS Dropshippers every day = FAILED
  • $500 total from copywriting gigs = $300

Optional Month goals

  • Switched from SPAMAYL to Uberman = rocking it like a boss!
  • Daily lesson learned = quit
  • Game visualizations = quit

Extra stuff:

  • Got an internship


This seems to happen often. I feel like I’m doing amazing on my goals all month, and I come to the end and see that I failed.


I think I need to:

  1. Not allow myself to get sidetracked by other goals. This month, I stick with game, copywriting, MBS, and polynapping
  2. Do an 80/20 everyday of “Am I doing stuff that will give me the biggest return right now?”

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