Making Fast Cash (pre-post)


Alright, I need some cash. I’m headed out of Canada soon (either to Bali for the TMBA IX or to Columbia to live it up with my friend Stepan), and I want a few extra bucks in case I need them.


I’ve set decided to start testing a bunch of mini income streams to generate fast cash. These income makers will take very little skill and time, give a relatively big payoff, and probably get boring really fast.


Here’s a few of the ideas to be tested:

  • Reselling small stuff (Dre Beats, iPhones, Macbooks)
  • Door 2 Door jobs (Pressure washing driveways, stenciling house numbers on the curb)
  • Mass selling a bunch of books at a used book store
  • Anything else I think of


I’ll keep you posted on the success of each, and let you know how to do it yourself in the next post.





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