May Goals (Time To Shake Shit Up)

Okay, this month is gonna rock. I expect to have a pretty solid income of at least $100/week and be easily sleeping 2-3 hours a day by the end of May.

Let’s make it happen!

$3500/week <5hr/workweek

The best business venture I’ve yet been a part of xD

The overarching goal for this month is to make $200/week in a manner that is contributing to my year goal of an automated $3500/month. I will settle for $100/week if I can not reach $200, but if I cannot reach even $100/week, I will have to get a job and/or get financial help from family, government, etc.

I also expect to get pro at sales calling and SEO article writing. I expect these will be the main way I achieve the $200/week.

So, this months financial goals:

  • Make $200/week
  • Write 25 SEO articles per week on average
  • Make at least 2 hours Referral Squirrel sales calls every day
  • Become a freelance SEO article writer


Become a Great Lover


I’ve largely shelved this goal until my polynapping is programmed into my body and I have a few bucks to spend on enjoying myself. That said, I’ve had some success getting laid (but I think that was half luck).

My goal this month is simple. Talk to the majority of girls I find cute. It’s that easy.

I’m working on removing my sense of self from the reactions of others (and from many other things), and so this will help me shake off any rejections or even encouragements I get and not let them effect me any more than I want.

So, this month:

  • Talk to the majority of girls I find cute (I will know if I have done this or not)
  • Remove my sense of self from the reactions (and even presence) of girls




I have ramped up the importance of becoming Polyphasic. I know that, if I achieve it (and add in the productivity I will gain from Wake Up Productive), I will be able to get more done in a day than I used to get done in 3.

I will also be able to pursue both $3500/month and becoming a great lover without running low on time or having the two clash.

So it’s become a major focus.

This month:

  • I must go 7 consecutive days on the polyphasic schedule


Optional Month Goals


I’ve got quite a few challenges going on at the moment. I’ll list them and their progress as of yesterday:


  • Polynappy (0/30)
  • RS calls (0/30)
  • n-back (2/30)
    • This is a brain exercise designed to increase memory and thinking ability. It’s pretty addictive and fun.
  • Dad emotions (0/30)
    • Dealing with some suppressed loneliness issues from my dad’s death.
  • Alarm Conditioning (2/7)
    • Conditioning myself to stretch, remove my eye mask, get up, turn off my alarm, and eat food whenever my alarm goes off.
  • Visualization (2/30)
    • Visualizing the path I will talk to achieve a goal and how it will feel to achieve that goal.


I want to go at least 7 consecutive days in at least 3 of these. I predict they will be n-back, alarm conditioning, and polynappy.


Here are my optional goals this month:

  • Take Eben Pagan’s WUP course every Saturday and implement it in your life
  • Go 7 consecutive days in at least 4 challenges



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