Money Is Just One (convenient) Type of Value

Money is nothing but a way to touch the intangible idea of “value”.

And a rule in life, almost as solid as physics is: If you give value, you will receive value.


To enjoy life and not be a martyr, you must give value through something that you get value from as well.

So don’t try to get money; try to give value. And you can only give value to people who want to do what you do (and so you show them and yourself how to do it better), or if both of you get something you want by doing different things, that you like to do, together.


P.S. You know the whole “You need money to make money” bit. No, that can just help you give value (and so get money) faster. But first you can make money without money.

P.P.S. And always enjoy it


Photo is: me practising my craft of being a pirate hero (Robin Hood style).

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