My Cure To Writer’s Block

  1. Chillax. You’re a good writer & this is just part of the process.
  2. Remember why you’re writing. What’s the awesomeness behind this? What would be the beneift of doing an awesome job? Visualize that benefit, feel how awesome it feels, and put it into your future.

Try writing. OR…

  1. Go back to planning
    1. What’s the purpose of your writing? What do you want the reader to do after reading?
    2. Who are you talking to?
    3. Why is your thing awesome? Take as long as you want to research it and brainstorm it and discover this answer.
    4. What’s your AIDA?
  2. Read your swipe file & get some ideas.

Try writing. OR…

  1. Take a breather. A nap, a walk, get lost somewhere cool, whatever.
  2. Just write some words. Quality doesn’t matter. Just write and write till the day is over.

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