My Current Fears

This is a comment I made on Maneesh’s Embracing Fear post…turned out to be pretty awesome.





The biggest fear I’m destroying right now is that of flirting and getting sexual with  gorgeous women.


I’ve been concentrating on it’s destruction for about a week now, and it’s a process I don’t ever expect to stop.


So far, I’ve:

1) Had a dancefloor makeout with an cover-girl worthy blondie (

2) spent the last two nights getting blown out of every set without a single success

3) Approached about every single woman I’ve fancied (and many I haven’t) with mostly dead-pan results, and the occasional huge success (like with the blondie)


The only time I feel like shit is, not when I get heavily rejected, not when she seems uninterested or even totally creeped out….it’s when I don’t approach her. Getting blown out is easy to view as a learning process, because literally every approach (successful or not) can be quickly reviewed to find out what went wrong and has to be fixed.


It’s scary as hell to talk to the first few, but after a success or two (and seeing a girl light up because I made her day), it’s easy.




NUMBER 2: Dolla


This one’s a hell of a lot more subtle. Every time it’s time to do awesome entrepreneurial shit, I hit a barrier and often get distracted.


So, by this time next week, I’ll

  1. Have found an SEO partner for
  1. Moved all my site details from MBS to
  2. Written 7 visualizations, converted them to porn stories and submitted them to the companies I wanna work with (lol, that’s right, I wanna be a porn writer xD)
  1. Generate a shit tone of viable biz ideas using Gary Halbert’s idea gen method




Carpe Diem guys, see you in a week.

  • Eddy

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