My high level goals, and how do I want them to look when I’m 23

I think you can probably get some good ideas and maybe even whole goals from this.

It came directly from my weekly goal review and planning today, and turned out pretty awesome.

I’ll be doing a whole series on how I create, track, and plan my goals. More on that soon.


Onto the goals!

What are my high level goals, and how do I want them to look when I’m 23?

  • Adventerous Rebel Physique: I will have a body capable of taking on any physical challenges. I will have the balance of a parkour jumper, the flexability of a yogi, the endurance of a marathoner, the grace & swiftness of a dancer, and the strength of a construction worker, the sexual control of a great lover. My mind will be fueled by great foods and habits, and both mind and body will always be running at optimal levels.
  • Absolute Financial Abundance: I will have the money and ability to make it to fuel every goal and adventure I have. I will be able to constantly travel, eat healthily, buy cool toys and adventrues when I want them, never worry about small maintenance stuff, and make large amounts of money when I want them. My regular income will be enough to fuel a life of health, travel, learning, and adventure with little continual time investment (I expect this to look like an automated $3500/month), and I will have the skills to jump in and make $10,000 in two months when I want it. I will also get to a point where I am skilled at the making of money, and am making it as a side benefit of this skill and my interests, instead of making through the desire to make it.
  • Congruence With My Deepest Self: I will create in myself a healthy mindset that allows me to become the best version of myself I can be, and reflect that into the world. This mindset will consist of honesty, seeing reality, fearlessness, choice & decisiveness, enjoyment, and probably others I have yet to look at.

Honesty: being completely true to myself, never trying to fool myself, knowing how I act and adjusting to it. Never lying out of fear, keeping my promises, and having no fear of sharing what is real with everyone.

Seeing Reality: Having a flexible and fluid view of reality, open to change and growth. Never getting so attached to any idea or mental picture that I blind myself to it’s faults.

Fearlessness: With the exception of fear of immediate danger, I will never operate on fear. Choices in which fear is a factor will be approached by first looking at the worst and best case scenarios, coming to terms with them & accepting them, and then choosing what best aligns with my goals.

Choice & Decisiveness: I will look at all things with the mindset of having a huge array of choices I can choose from. I will look at these options, look for more, and pick the one that I think will best align with my goal. Once I make my choice, I will be decicisive, not questioning it or hesitating in executing it.

Enjoyment: I will always enjoy the moment and what I have devoted it to. The mere fact that I exist and can feel whatever it is that I’m feeling makes this moment amazing and gorgeous beyond comprehension. I will have a deep understanding and love for this fact, and will never have an unenjoyable moment. This does not mean I will not be sad or depressed or heartbroken or in pain or angry, but that I will enjoy these emotions.

  • Worldwide Life Enhancing Family: I will have a family & friend base of amazing, real, fear defying, life enjoying people all over the world. People who I will be inspired by and learn from just by being around, and who I can do the same to in return. I will always be able to get a partner and a teacher for whatever goal or adventrue I choose, and my name will be pleasurably recognized by my mentors. I will always have at least one romantic relationship going on with a girl who is sexy, interesting, inspiring, and improving. I will be adept and comfortable and enjoying all social situations.
  • Integration of Self Actualization Habits: This is closly related to Congruence With My Deepest Self, but this is much more growth and self-improvement oriented. I will develop in myself the mindset of focusing on and enjoying whatever I do, and doing things that will bring me the greatest return. I will feel no desire to waste time on stagnation activities, but will instead spend my down time resting completely (naps, walks, meditation), learning for fun (blogs, interesting books), or being active in another area (switching between mental and physical activities). I will always be 100% focused on the moment I am in, what I have devoted it to, and what is most important. I will have set goals for every area in my life (even if that goal is simply to have no goals, as it currently is in my relaxed social life), have milestones and tracking so that I know where I am in relation to these goals.
  • Exploration & Enjoyment of My Reality: I will live life for the enjoyment and fulfillment that I can make in it. I will travel often and deeply, learn tons of skills that interest me (like parkour, dance, guitar, sexual mastery, etc.), and just generally live for the purpose of really exploring and enjoying life. This goal is ultimately why I am pursuing all my other goals, because they help me build a life in which I can really enjoy life.


– Eddy

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