My Most Productive Day Since I Learned To Use The Big Boy Potty

I wake up late and groggily decide that today shall be a day of video games and a movie or two.

A quick check of my inbox lets me know, to my horror, that I’m late for one meeting and I’ve missed the other by over an hour. Ah well, it looks like I will have to earn today’s useless entertainment. I fix the issue and get both as clients, managing to overcome the hurdle of my microphone breaking down, and now I can play my games.

NOPE! Nestled near the bottom of my inbox is a email. “Congratulations”. Sounds like spam…but gMail is a spam killing machine. Click. AHHHH!!! WHAT?!? I’ve made the short list for the TMBA VIII!!

First things first, I shoot off an email to Stepan to share my ecstatic and slightly shell-shocked joy. A closer read of the email tells me that my meeting is today at 11pm. And my mic’s broken…

Leap into my “TechnoJunk” box (which I’ve always thought would make a sick band name), and pull out an old webcam with built in microphone. With a few tweaks, I’m holding the debased head in my hands, and so I’ve got a new mic.

Ok. Now I’m pumped. My bloods running on the drug of success and I’ve got a tasksmash list just waiting. For two hours I write the about page for my friend David’s image consulting company. My eye catches the clock click to 5pm.

Nap time.



I’m up, energized, and feeling awesome. Naps are THE SHIT!

First up, a quick search for awesome day two ideas lets me know that Sunday is a party at Kensington Market. I call up Muffin, flirt a bit, and set up our day two (or three in this case).

I hit my email, and up comes Mr. “Congratulations” again. The meeting spot I chose at 11pm is already booked. He want’s to meet at 7pm. That’s in half an hour! I need time to prepare! AHH!

Dude, relax, no worries, you can handle this.

I reply “7 sounds good. See you then.” and scramble to prep my Q&A. That is, until I get distracted and start playing with my blog. It’s T – 10 minutes. I’m gonna have to wing it.

“Congratulations”. Ok, this email is losing it’s charm. Damian want’s to meet up at 8.


It’s a good thing I’m flexible xD
See ya at 8 then”

Wait…this is good news! The next hour is lost to a frenzy of preparation and giddy excitement. Bloooop bleeep bloop, bleeeep bloop bleep bloop and the Skype call’s coming in. Deep breath, click answer.

It’s an hour later and I’ve aced the interview. BOOYEA! Stumbled only once and I think I’m good to go.

Okay…nap time.



I’ve done more today than I usually get done in two. But TaskSmash beckons and I rush to obey. The final two hours of the day, as well as the first two of tomorrow, are given over to project-pricing today’s new clients and contacting the 5 qualified leads I’ve been ignoring since last Tuesday.



2 AM. I’m tired, but my TaskSmash list is almost complete. All that’s left are is a lonely line: “Girl of the Day”. How do you approach the most beautiful girl you’ve seen today when you haven’t seen any girls? I don’t plan on hitting the town, so task #8 bites the dust. Good news is I only have to do it 5 times this week, so I can delete that task and act like it never existed.


I know I should hit the hey, but I’ve got an urge to share today with the world. There is an important message here. One that will improve the lives of those who read it.



But I’m too tired to figure out what it is.






New Task for Wednesday: Figure out message of blog post

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