No Masturbation Experiment–Day 12

Not much effect at all. I’m not even horny. It’s been 12 days since my last orgasm and I‘m not feeling horny at all.

When I see a cute girl, I look at her and enjoy it. But I don’t feel a huge drive to fuck her. It’d be nice, but I’d rather spend my time working and learning than on trying to get laid.

Even sexy pictures I see around aren’t turning me on. It’s like my sex drive has downshifted.


It’s weird, but it’s also awesome. As long as I’m sexually attracted to something, I’m not worried. But being sexually disinterested overall is turning out to be a great advantage when it comes to work.



I’m always feeling creative and ready to work. I can write articles, plan stuff, research, do whatever I gotta do without feeling slumpy

Creative is high and staying that way.


Up with creativity is productivity. My days are packed from wakeup (and workout) to sleep (right after reviewing my day). I’ve always got TONS of goals and I never get them all done by the end of the day.

No stagnation, just constant productivity. Now I wanna work on focusing that productivity so I get specific stuff done. (I’m thinking Chill Hookahs 50%, getting a job 30%, and copywriting 20%…then, when I have a job, upping copywriting and lowering the job)

Fight vs. Forget

Like I said, I simply don’t feel horny. Weird, but useful. Still attracted to women, but I don’t feel like getting laid is worth the effort, nor is masturbation worth the time.

More Sexual or Less Sexual

No real change. I still check out girls (maybe a bit more than before), I still have flirty eye contact, I’m still unconfident (wtf?), and I’m still not approaching girls.


We’re almost halfway.

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