No Masturbation Experiment–Day 18

It’s nearly torture. I can constantly feel a tingling energy in my loins, like a faint electricity or the memory of pleasure.

My sexuality has definitely gone up, and I’ve gotten in touch with more gorgeous and sexy girls in the last 4 days than I did in the 3 months before. I’ve exchanged contact info with a kinky model, a powerfully sexy minor, a breathtaking painter, and a cute art girl with the most classily sexy dress I’ve ever seen (it literally stopped me).

I don’t want to masturbate, because it would feel like a shitty way to discharge this energy. In fact, masturbation repulses me right now. I watch porn (breaking one minor rule of this experiment), so that I can enjoy the image of a woman getting pleasure, but I do not want to touch myself. I simply want to fuck. Hard.

I was talking with a friend today who has also done this (albeit for two weeks, not four) and we riffed on how this increases your productivity and creativity and drive to do things and sexual drive. You rarely feel burnt out and are always ready to go.

But it’s also maddening. It’s gotten to a point where it will occasionally distract me from my work I will see a cute girl, in reality or on my laptop, and become inexorably sexual. If she is in reality, I will often approach her (FAR more than I would have before this experiment). If she is not, I will simply go mad with desire.

But, as you can clearly read, my creativity has gone way up. My writing is currently sensational.

Creativity = Up

Productivity = Up

Urge To Masturbate = Non-existent. Often a repulsion.

Urge to fuck hard and gently = Nearly irresistible.

Sexuality = Higher than ever before.

This is the sweetest torture I have yet known. Oh god the next woman I’m with will be unforgettable.

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