No Masturbation Experiment–Day 26: Surrender

I surrendered. I lasted 26 days without masturbating, and then surrendered.

I had been watching porn and pleasuring myself to it since the second week in, but had never allowed myself to climax. A practice which I highly recommend to all who are interested, as it familiarizes you with your point of no return, and how your sexual body operates.

It also teaches you to choose to stop the pleasure, so that you are never a slave to it. Instead, it is a thing you enjoy using, but can stop at any time. Essentially, it helps make is to that sex will not become an addiction that gets in the way of life.


So, yesterday while doing this, I finally went just a step too far and passed the point of no return. I came.

After 26 days, it was euphoric. The rest of the night was spent in an afterglow of mental and physical relaxation.


Tomorrow, I will make a post of lessons learned from the no masturbation experiment.

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