NoFap Experiment II – Day 1 Report

Original Experiment Document Here: NoFap Experiment II – 90 Days, Eddy & Kush


Best day I’ve had in weeks. Coincidence? Too many variables to know.

Need to…

  • Come up with things to try when feeling very horny, and test those out.
    • Tinder
    • Approaching girls
    • Pitching clients
    • Learning about stuff like Blockchain and Ethereum
    • Meditation
    • Javascript
    • Exercise
    • Ideal-self-actualization philosophy (reading & taking notes)
    • Podcasts

Dick felt extremely sensitive last night and in the morning.

I sexted with Asha & Ayesha. Couldn’t even caress dick during. Got extremely horny.

After sexting, however, the extreme horniness abated rather quickly. Though never was I completely not horny. I’ve been horny most of the day.

Even showering or lying in bed felt pleasurable. Often uncomfortably so.

Noticed: I seem to be more patient about conversations or sticking to work, because escape to masturbating isn’t an option.

Theory: Abstinence isn’t the ideal solution to porn and masturbation. After this, I should masturbate. But, like I eat a delicious desert; gourmet, take time, not too often.

I’m MUCH more flirtatious and also… aware of how to flirt. I’m a much better flirter. Better than I can remember being in a very long time.

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