Note to Eddy of July 1st, 2012 — travel now, live off passion.

If the focus experiment does not work
– aka, I am not by Today making at the least $400/month from copywriting


If that happens, then putting focus over enjoyment does not work.

In that case, do what you must right now, to prepare yourself for long term travel.

Work for a few months on whatever you can: buy a new laptop and high quality gear,

Then, go out and just travel around and enjoy yourself.

Just backpack and do awesome shit until you make something worth paying for.


Don’t get stuck trying just one thing.
And NEVER give up on your ultimate dream, the freedom & enjoyment of life that makes it perfect.

– Eddy of January 24, 2012


P.S. This is not a choice. This has been decided by the you of the past. Do not debate it, trust in your past revelation to keep trying for enjoyment. Remember reality anchors.

This reality anchor has passed it equal investment/return point. Choose another.

The next one to choose: travel now, live on passion.

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