I’m soo excited! A few days ago, I was having a “Learn and Do” meetup with some pickup artists before I left town.

Me and my mate jumped into Dolla Ramma to grab THESE:


I LOVE THEM! My robot-like mind immediately devoted one to random daily notes and knowledge and dubbed it “Love & $$$ & Life”.

The red one is all about Game. I’ll track my points (made 107 out of 150 last week), take notes on interesting sets, use in my game (collect numbers, draw pictures, play games, w/e), and record huge lessons and mantras.

The Blue. I’m still not sure, but I’m thinking of devoting it to life lessons. Things like “You will die very soon”, “Why not?”, “You never regret the things you do. It’s what you don’t do that kills you”, “Rock it like a man, and it will be accepted”, “Always be a student”,

“Push the limits of your confidence”, “Succumbing to fear = death”, “Always be Eddy” and whatever the hell I realize is true and awesome to remember.

This one would be AWESOME to flip through in a year.



– Eddy Azar

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