November Goals

Tropical island dreams, copywriting nightmares, and breaking the law (and getting caught)



Last month turned out alright. I’m still having trouble getting copywriting clients, but this bullshit will stop. It’s in my head, not in my pitch.

I did write my book and submit the my TMBA application, but so far I haven’t profited much from either.

I am not where I expected myself to be a month ago, and I can say that for most months since I started down the entrepreneurial path. The problem is not in my self control, as self control is a limited resource.


The problem is in my pattern.


I must develop a pattern in which I devote a certain period of time daily to work. In which I have frequent days off. In which I achieve a balence of accomplishment and excitement every day.

I propose a three hour work day. Three hours is more than enough to accomplish a daily task. This leaves me with about 11 hours of free time to explore, relax, enjoy, and celebrate life.

I must accomplish something before I relax to follow my whims for a time and, until all my day’s goals are accomplished, my whimsical time shall be limited to 30 minute breaks in between tasks.

Okay, so it is decided: the day shall consist of three hours maximum of work, and no other actions for longer than 30 minutes (seperated by an hour) until the day’s work is completed.


I am conflicted on the matter of getting fit. I do it because I want to look good, but will that result in me instinctivly trying to please others? I’ll shoot up a post very soon as to my thoughts on that and my decision.


Onward to my November Goals:

Cash Moonay

fuck bitches, get monet
  • Sell your first online product via online store
    • make a store
    • find a dropshipper
    • advertise
    • make a sale
  • Make $250 via copywriting
  • Make $450 total


Self Improvement

  •  Do not succumb to the fear of being judged and shunned by others.
    •  Go 15 days without breaking the bracelet (I’ll explain the “Break it/Make it Bracelet” technique soon.
  • Check out Stepan’s new goal charts and decide if I want to use, modify, or ignore them.



  • Make $15/day so that I can afford to buy transportation and meals for small travel

Done. I now have tasks are are intense enough to improve my life and chill enough to let me enjoy it, and a schedule that demands success while limiting grind-time.



– Eddy


P.S. Quick status update: I’m currently living in my friend Tomer’s dorm at Queens University. University is AMAZING without the pressure of school.

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