Polynap tips & tricks

In my last post on polynapping, you found out what I’ve learned on where to nap and when.

This post is all about stuff you can use and do to make your polynappy life awesome.


  • By far my favorite thing in this category is pzizz. It’s an always newly customized audio track of soothing sounds and wonderful suggestions that walk you through every stage of your nap from preparation to awakening with energy. For first time users, this will be almost too amazing to exist. It will knock you out, it will put you into phase 3 or R.E.M. and it will wake you up feeling energized.
  • Get a high quality sleep mask (I sell the best here). Then, put in on and sleep under as much light as you can find. The mask will help your brain relax and sleep, and removing it to an abundance of light will get your body into wake up mode immediately.
  • Have an alarm that vibrates. The best for this is your phone. You might not always wake up to the sound, but a small box suddenly vibrating near your crotch is unignoreable.
  • Wear earplugs or noise cancelling headphones (best one’s are the Hearos Earplugs). The best sound to hear is pzizz. Then nothing. Then your music. Then situational sound.
Not too sure how this competition works…but I’d win xD


  • Get a partner. I cannot talk enough about how essential this is. A polynapping partner will keep you motivated, make sure you never oversleep, give you tips you never thought of, and just continually make your life awesome. Finding my partner (David & Shai), was the driving reason behind creating my @PolynappyEddy twitter, and for posting all over the internet about it.
  • Already mentioned above, use a sleep mask to sleep under intense light. This will put you in wake up mode when the nap is over.
  • Have multiple alarms. If possible, put one of these out of reach and loud enough to break through any earplugs your wearing. When I’m sleeping in a cafe and I know I’m gonna have wake up issues, I’ve got 5 alarms. My vibrating beeping phone, e.ggtimer.com or onlinevideoclock, pzizz, and two strangers (side note: I’ve never seen anyone cause such a ruckus by sleeping xD).
  • Don’t drink caffeine. It screws your naps up and you’ll never need it again once your body adjusts to polyphasic sleep.
  • Workout when you wake up, not before sleep. Don’t work out much until your body adjusts.
  • Eat when you wake up, not before sleep. (eating clean is apparently a HUGE help in polynapping, but I haven’t tested myself yet)
  • Masterbait before sleep, not when you awaken. (I’ll let you know how sex effects it when I get some ;P)

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