Polynappy Journal: Day 1 (the dive)



Ok guys, in the style of Steve Pavlina (who’s blog I still have not read) and Tynan, I will be keeping a polyphasic journal.

While it would be awesome to read about my polynappy adventures later in life, this is not why I’m starting this journal. I’m starting because this is the most public way I know how to fail.

If I quit, everyone I know and respect will be watching me do it.


And the first one to catch me quitting and bug me about it (via blog post, email, phone call, w/e) will get a $100 prize (although that may take a while to get, because I’m broke atm xP).


Today is day 1 (I started about 16 hours ago), and I’ve already had my first screw up. I slept for 4 hours in between 8am and 12pm and re-re-re-learned a VERY valuable lesson: always get up and move when your time is up! Never say, five more minutes, or one more song, or any of that bullshit…you will not wake up.


I’ll be writing my journal at 12:30am every day…If I fail (not quit, just sleep long enough to screw up my flow), I will go back to day 1. I must reach day 30 by any means possible. There is no end date, no revise time, none of that. I MUST REACH 30 DAYS…it’s my only option.



– Eddy


P.S. Loyal readers will know that, right before I quit last time, I made a $100 bet with Tynan. Needless to say, I failed that bet. But, very stupidly, I also spent the $100. I shames me to admit this, which is why I’m admitting it. I will be paying tynan back the moment my account reaches $100.

P.P.S. My previous blog posts about where to Polynap Tips & Tricks, Where to Polynap are awesome. Check them out in the “Polynappy” tag to the right —>

P.P.P.S. I’m also renewing the PolynappyEddy Twitter account (YAY!) (follow me and I’ll devote a polyphasic hour to loving you for it xD)

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