Polyphasic Journal Day 16: (0/30)

Hey guys, some cool developments to know about.

I made it through Sunday and yesterday and got to my 2/30, but then crashed again last night. The culprit is the insidious ‘just 5 more minutes’.

Chatted with mate/mentor Ze’ev, and he gave me some tips on training myself to wake up at my alarm. Since I’ve passed out quite a few times using the previous wake up song, my body does not associate it with a “Get up and rock it” vibe.

So it has to be replaced with a new wake up song, and then I have to go through a bunch of short wake up “reps” to train my mind to associate it with the wake up and go actions (which are essentially walking around and grabbing something to eat for 4 minutes).

I also got my room mate on the polyphasic schedule, and we’ve staggered our naps by 2 hours, so we’re always awake to get each other up.


Also, in a awesome productivity trip between Eben Pagan’s Wake Up Productive course and my Polynapping schedule, I’ve set up a daily goal setting & tracking chart. It’s quite beautiful.

It is set up so that I can treat each nap as it’s own mini-day (setting the tasks for it when I awaken), or set up my whole day as a whole, or (and this is what I’ll be doing) a mix of the two.

It also has my transition into nap (1 minute) & wake up times (4 min) built in. During every wake up, I will get up and eat something (Ala the WUP course).

For those that wanna copy of it, click this linkylinky

Polyphasic Day Tracking – Apr 24


Carpe more Diem!

– Eddy

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