Polyphasic Journal Day 17: (1/30)

I’m now on an awesome schedule that is not too tight to choke my passion, but tight enough to keep me on track.

My room mate is keeping me awake.

One of my best friends has quit school and is now going to travel Canada with his awesome girlfriend (stopping by my place on the journey).

I’m able to talk any Barista into letting me nap in their cafe.

I’ve just set up a partnership with an SEO master that will help me make tons of automated income in about 1 year from now.

With Ze’ev’s and Shai’s help, I have found a huge emotion left over from my dad’s death that has fuelled (in an unhealthy and unhelpful way) my pursuit to become a great lover.

I am beginning to begin to learn how to separate my sense of self from the continual chatter of my mind.



It’s been a good day.

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