Polyphasic Journal: Day 2 (0/30)

I spent yesterday running around town and watching my lockless bike to make sure no one decided they’d like to have it xP. As a result, I missed two naps and was totally exhausted when I got back.

I collapsed on the couch, planning to wake up in 25 minutes and whip out some awesome internship writing (and maybe a biz idea or two), and fell into that state between sleeping and waking, where your body is at rest but your still mostly conscious of you mind and thoughts.

My alarm went off, and I made a fatal mistake…I went for five for minutes. Then again. And a third time.

Needless to say, my body eventually went to deep sleep and I did not wake up until 11 hours later.

As you can probably guess, this is unacceptable. Going two days in a row without even being able to start on my 30 days…wtf.

So, I’m gonna start getting really strict about my timing. I will go to sleep within 7 minutes of the scheduled times, and I’ll wake up immediately and take a walk if I’m feeling tired.

As a side note, I’ve decided to shift my sleep times. Instead of the 4,8,12 sleep times, I’ll now be sleeping at 2am/pm, 6am/pm, 10am/pm.

Carpe more Diem!

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