Polyphasic Journal Day 23: (1/30)

This is weird. Yesterday was one of the hardest nights to stay awake yet, and yet I was on my first night. I think it was a combination of residual sleep deprivation, sleeping in a comfy bed under warm sheets in a cold room, and me and Shai feeding off each other’s tiredness.


Also, I’ve managed to get to a point where I am once more low on free time. I forget the name of the law, but it states that the percieved importance and time requrement of a task is proportional to the amount of time given to complete it.

I am now spending about 4 hours every day making sales calls (exhausting), 3 hours writing SEO content for ChillHookahs.com, and about 8 hours improving my inner game (visualizations, feeling suppressed emotions, day tracking, improving memory and thinking speed, etc.)

That leaves me with around 3hours free every day xP.


Carpe more Diem!

– Eddy


P.S. I’m afraid I’m getting a bit too used to being in perpetual transition. Alongside Shai, I’m gonna start taking this a lot more seriously. Not being late to naps, ensuring I wake up on time, keeping my naps restful, perhaps spending my nights in cafes. I have to give this (and building an automated income) everything I’ve got.

P.P.S. Watch this video…it will motivate you to destroy mountains in the pursuit of your goal.

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