Polyphasic Journal: Day 4 (2/30)

I’m a bit dizzy…and I can concentrate, in a weird way. It’s almost like I’m willing to do the same thing for longer just because it’s taking the huge majority of my brain power to do. I simply don’t have enough left to move to something else.

I just feel tired…like it’s 9am and I didn’t sleep all night.

It seems like a long time since today started. And it seems like forever since I slept in a bed.

I like it.

Also, my memory has gone wayyyy down. I can’t seem to remember anything but the most blunt things and, when I’m not totally zoned into a task, I get distracted by anything and forget what I was doing in the first place.

Every time I wake up at night, it takes some serious effort to get the world info focus. My eyes automatically go out of focus and create two of everything, and I’ll usually role with it until it goes away.

I’ve got a few worries in my life but, as usual, a good movie has put them into perspective. I have no money, no home, and little food, but this is all by choice. I don’t wanna live under the protection of my mother any longer, and a little adventure seems perfect for my life.

So long as I remember that I am on an adventure, and not get all scared and worried about it.

Also, my cold tolerance has gone wayy down. I’m usually shivering, and almost never comfortably warm. I wonder if this will be a permanent effect.

Carpe more Diem,

– Eddy

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