Polyphasic Journal Day 6: (0/30)


After getting an extra few hours of sleep this morning, I had my first polyphasic dream (actually it was a…daymare?) at noon.

This is an AWESOME sign. It means that my REM sleep is finally syncing with my polyphasic pattern, which means my tiredness will soon disappear.

But my next nap, I couldn’t even fall asleep. My mind was not overactive or anything, so I just lay in bed feeling each second go by. Not a wink of sleep.

Now this was confusing…It could be that I was adapting fully, but that was simply too well (better than any other I’ve heard of so far) and too fast.

Between 10pm and 4am, it was all clubbing. I managed to catch a late snooze at a nearby restaurant, but not nearly satisfying enough.

Yet still, I felt wide awake and totally mentally alert.

So I get home (my brain all screwed from the fact that I just got back from the intense Montreal clubs after a day of intense stuff, and I’m not going to bed.), and hit the hey for my 0600…

And don’t wake up till 10 xP.



But don’t despair, this puts me back to day 0. I’m not quitting until my 30 days is achieved!

New rule for round 2: Don’t miss naps by more than 30 minutes.

Carpe more Diem!


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