The Dream at 20 years old

Hey mates, I just updated the dream for being 21 (I’m not yet, but whatever).

New update here:

Old update below:


Who is Eddy Azar at the age of 100?

I’ve trancended age, and so my body is that of a fit man in his mid 20’s. I have accrued wealth far far beyond necessity, all through improving the world, I have fallen in love with many woman, and taken a choice few people as my apprentices.

I coach a small and select few of the best individuals I can find in the world, and spend the rest of my time helping to create things like a one nation world, a class 1 & class 2 species, colonization of other planets, the improvement of the human race, the creation of good stuff in all it’s forms, immortality beyond even physical death, the end of centralized control, the search for and growth focused interaction with other races, the enjoyment of all who exist…

Mindset wise, I am near-perfection. I haven’t stagnated in decades, I am able to rest quickly and completely, I create tons, and take ample time to enjoy and explore. I can quickly and efficiently lead others and help them grow at a 5/95 rate, I have automated all that I wish to in life.

I am considering having kids, yet it’s probably still quite a ways in the future.

I’m having so much fun.

Who is Eddy Azar at 50?

I have created a small group of world enhancing businesses that are improving areas of the world like learning, life extention/bio hacking, renewable power, wonder, and things of that nature. Through them, I have obtained enough resources to afford anything I want or need. These businesses are mostly automated.

I spend my time learning, building these businesses and others like them. And exploring the world. And exploring & customizing myself.

I have the body of a 37 year old, due to my life extention research.

I am building things outside of earth. Mining asteroids. Colonizing planets. Interacting with other species. Building great structures in space. Stuff like that.

Who is Eddy Azar at 35?

I have built businesses that improve the world. Things like RadNomad, Labster, and BioHacking. They bring me resources in huge abundance, enough to create all but my greatest plans. I have a personal Pepper Pots.

My main focus is on immortality, and will be for a long time. A close second is the exploration and customization of what is Eddy. And the third is exploration and creation in outer-space.

Besides that, I have a fun sex life that requires almost no work to keep alive. A healthy body, well maintained and fueled. A global tribe of awesome people I’m always collaborating with to make awesome things.

My island-state of exceptional people is fully functional, thriving, and largely out of my hands and into the community’s.

Who is Eddy Azar at 27?

I have built RadNomad a few other businesses into awesome things that improve lives.

I’m building more businesses. Things that improve the world and myself greatly. Primarily, a biohacking business with a long term goal of immortality. Also, things like Soylent to solve hunger & healthy nourishment issues.

I have mastered the art of love, and am now having fun with awesome women I find while I build my tribes. I’ve also traveled a LOT of the world. I still do a lot of travelling, though I have a home base now from which I am able to interact in person with my businesses more than I can while I travel.

I am founding a kind of hub/mentor space/community for a select few who I believe can change the world. It is run 100% on renewable energy, populated by only awesome people, and with a crowd sourced government. To visit, you must show that you are a cool person. Not so difficult to do. We have couch surfing communities and AirBnb spaces so that anyone can come.

But, to live here or stay for more than 3 months, you must show that you are amazing, world improving, and will be a boon to the community. This is a much more selective group.

The community has it’s own currency, or else runs off a currency like bitcoins. Nothing is illegal, though some things can result in you losing your licence to live in the community.

It is likely on an island. This is where I am based.

I am focused on building my businesses, biohacking my body to extend my life expectancy, creating around me a global tribe of awesome people, and exploring the world while I pick up useful skills. I’m doing quite a bit of exploration and customization of what is Eddy.

My body is in top shape, supported by my biohacking and active lifestyle. Lots of sex.

Who is Eddy Azar at 23?

I’m a master Growth Hacker, making a couple tens of thousands of dollars per month automated, and well on my way in building a few of my own businesses like RadNomad and others I have not yet thought of. RadNomad is growing from a search & find idea to a theorize-create-test-repeat idea. We create the top nomad gear (coincidentally, the top gear, period) in the world.

I am also travelling nomadically without a home base (looking to find which ones are best), building my skills at love & romance & sex, and having tons of fun. I often travel to and spend TONS of money on self improvement events all around the world.

When I am not building amazing projects, I am exploring and improving myself and my world.

I keep close track of those who I want in my Tribe of Awesome, and am sure to go to many events and learn many things and create stuff with them.

I’ve begun biohacking my instruments personally, and customizing my mindsets. I do a TON of 30 day experiments in both domains.

Who is Eddy Azar at 20.5 (1 year from today)

I have become an adept Growth Hacker in all domains of Growth Hacking. I can do minor coding, A/B testing, analytics, SEO, advertising, all that stuff quite well. I am using these skills to ROCKET launch my own businesses and those of my friends that inspire me to ridiculous levels of success. At this point, I’m making about $3500 per month automated. and about $5000/month on top of that through my active work.

I keep my body & mind in good shape, eat relatively healthy fuels, and do a bit of supplementing. Besides that, there isn’t much I’m doing in the domain of Biohacking My Instruments.

I’m always doing a 30 day experiment to Customize My Mindset, and have mastered focus, alternating engagement, keeping my word, mastering my emotions, and asking why.

I am building my relationship with Stepan, Michael, Chris, Vince, Sebastian, and others like them.

I’m not exploring reality all that much, though I do travel every few months and do something awesome (climb mountain, visit islands, learn new skill/sport, etc.) every few weeks, and I’m always picking up new skills. I’ve learned Lucid Dreaming, Bahasa Indonesia & become quite a good surfer by now.

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