The Impact Of Body Language

Who is this guy? Why should I be sharing with him?

Wouldn’t I just get more pleasure if I hit the couch and read that advertising book?

All these thoughts ran through my head in an instant, as I looked over my shoulder and across the chair into the eyes of Scott.


Less than 10 seconds ago, meeting Scott had been the highlight of my day. A successful, philosophical, self improvement oriented dude who I could really talk to and learn with.

But then our pursuit of knowledge led us to this little experiment, and just like that our friendship evaporated.

Bad Body Language
They’re obviously into me

But let’s take a step back…

I’m procrastinating at the Notman House (read, entrepreneur’s frat house), when in walks a couple new guys. So I play host, telling them the environment of our little entrepreneur haven.

One of the guys, Scott, turns out to be an entrepreneurially curious, philosophical inclined, inventor. My kinda guy.


So, after riffing on the more interesting points of life for an hour or two, we wind up the topic of the power of body language. And that’s when the experiment was born. One of us (Scott, I think) proposed we try an experiment to see the effects of negative body language.

So we pushed a chair in between us, crossed our arms & legs, turned side ways to each other, each facing the opposite direction. And then

we tried to connect.


Our sentences had devolved into short, clipped, spurts of words.

“Okay, uhm, what’s your favorite fruit.” – That’s me

“…I don’t want to share with you” – scott


Gah! In synchronicity, we broke our negative holds, kicked the chair out from between us, and opened up to eachother once more.

Some nervous laughter, and mutual amazement at what had just happened, and our comradery was back.


And there it was, a solid truth. Even when we know exactly what our body language is supposed to do to our minds, we can’t stop it from happening.

The mind follows the body. And the body follows the mind.

Body language cannot lie. Not for long anyways.


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