The Journal Experiment


At the end of everyday, until November 1st 2013, I will keep a daily journal.

It must write my journal for at least 20 minutes. There is no minimum requirement in amount written, just that I do nothing else for 20 minutes.

This whole journal will be published (will anyone read it?) at the end of the experiment. Notable passages will be published throughout the experiment as I encounter them.


I don’t know much what will happen. I expect I will become much more self aware of my action during the day, and more aware of my successes and failures (and how to act to replicate/avoid them) today. I expect I will become a lot more congruent and aware with my life philosophy, and it shall become more parallel to my lifespeki.

I think my writing will improve as I go. Regular writing tends to do this.

I believe my writing will tend mostly towards entrepreneurship, life goals, & philosophy. The first because that is most of my life at the moment, and the second and third because that is who I am. There will also be love, loneliness, fear (stemming, I expect, mostly from disappointing Michael and the consequences therein), friends, travel lust, and the mundane. There will almost definitely be frustration (stemming from that fear and my own inadequacies).

In the end, I expect the effects to be high-level and widespread, and also not overly noticeable in day to day life or externally (though perhaps I may be wrong in this last bit).


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