The “Make Money Blogging” Experiment

I’m doing an experiment to see if I can make money off my blog (aka. do what I love, give benefit to others, and make money at the same time).

Here’s how I’m doing it.

I’m going to write at least 2 posts a week (I think much more though). I am going to post them on my blog, my facebook, Tynan’s SETT blog and warrior forum.

I’m going to ask if they found my writing valuable at the end of my posts. (aka “Comment with “Useful” if this was useful at all, so I know if I should keep writing, and who I should write to”)

If I get a good reaction (people seem to like what I write), I’m going to slowly move my writings to exclusively on my blog over 4 weeks.

On the fourth week, I will make a post and page on my blog titled “Here’s How You Can Help Me Keep Writing This Blog”.

It will explain how giving me a donation will help me keep writing, and ask for one that the reader thinks is worth half of the value I give them.

I will then link to this post at the end of my new posts. Then I will keep on writing the same as I did before.


I want to make $2.50/post by the fourth week (Each post takes about 20 minutes to write. A job pays $10 an hour to do. I enjoy blogging more than a job, so if it pays 75% as well as a job [$7.50/hour], I will be happy).

If I’m not making $2.50 a post by the fourth week, I must make a decision to either quit or adjust my plan/expectations (I will talk to bloggers I trust to help me decide).


So, the plan by weeks:

Teach and Get Reactions

Week 1: all posts everywhere

Week 2: mention blog in all posts

Week 3: 1 in every 4 posts on blog only

Week 4: 1 in 3 posts on blog only

Week 5: 1 in 2

Week 6: all posts on blog only

Make Money Blogging

Week  5: Make “Here’s How You Can Help Me Keep Writing This Blog” post and donation page

Week 5,6,7,8: Foot note all posts with the donation bit

Week 8: see how much money I’m making per post. Decide whether to quit or continue, and if to change expectations/plan. Also, take poll to see if I should try to change/improve my writing style or just keep it as is.


Now we’ll see, for sure, if I can blog (aka do one of the things I enjoy, and try and help others while I do it), and make money off of it. And how much.

I will let you know, as the process unfolds, how it’s going.

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