The Taiwan Posh Experiment

The Hypothesis/Reason: 

I want to be able to eat food like a starving primate, and like an aristocrat. To be accepted into tear-it-with-your-teeth barbarian mead halls and wait-3-years-to-get-a-reservation restaurants.

And I always want to have control over what is mine and the environment I’m calling home. When things are clean and aesthetic and not always at risk of getting lost, I enjoy life more.

The Plan:

Stepan is my coach. I am Stepan’s coach.

Our job is to call out when we are not being posh. At the end of every day, I will record my scores in the following criteria and end with a grade. I’ll track this grade daily.

We will keep doing this, at the minimum, until one of us leaves Taipei.


  • Eat with control
  • Keep environment clean & all things in their given locations
  • Always keep surroundings asthetic
  • Shave once every 2 days
  • Shower daily
  • Nails are always short
  • Hair always looking good
  • Always carry breath freshener
  • Bed always made.
  • Dishes always clean
  • Computer always clean
  • Write aesthetically
  • Always single-tasking (BONUS)
  • Speak slowly & on purpose (BONUS)


Well…I don’t like being posh. This is one of the areas in life where, for me, the flame isn’t worth the candle.

That said, there are a few serious advantages I found in the posh experiment which I intend to make second nature to me.

First & foremost among them is the mise en place; the practice of having a place for everything, and having everything in it’s place. As a minimalist, this is not so hard to do, and the benefits are huge. I always know where everything that belongs to me is, and it’s always in the ideal place.

This allows me not only to save all the energy I would otherwise expend on deciding and remembering where my stuff is. It’s also calming to know where all your stuff is.

Another advantage is the calmness and enjoyment of having asthetic surroundings. However, there are two caveats to this. One, I actually enjoy an environment that is a bit chaotic. Not total disorder, but instead the mark that a being does live here. It’s nice. Second, this is another area where the flame isn’t worth the candle, so long as it’s me that is doing the ordering. When I can have a maid/robot keeping my floors clean and my garbage gone, I’ll love it. If I have to do it myself, I’m pretty okay with dirty floors.

I’ve always got a breath freshener on hand now too. It’s simply nice to know that you definitely don’t have bad breath.

I also seek to write aesthetically when I’m not in a rush. It, too, is enjoyable.

And, another big one, having a clean computer at the end of the day is a perfect aid to a zen morning. Close all the windows, and have a clean slate. It’s beautiful.

My daily score, out of 14
My daily score, out of 14


Photo is a ‘posh’ amuse bouch I made the same night me & Stepan started this experiment.

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